How to Look Fabulous Even When You are Six Months Pregnant

Most women hate to look at themselves in the mirror during pregnancy since they believe that they look hideous. Everyone you meet will say that you look ‘different’, but you know what they truly mean. Guess what, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Of course, there is nothing you can do about the weight or the stretch marks. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t look fabulous. At this time of the pregnancy, you need to know everything that there is about maternity fashion. This will enable you to camouflage the things that you do not want others to see. Listed below is some maternity fashion advice that you desperately need.

good fitting pregnancy jeans
Pregnancy Jeans

Get a Good Pair of Jeans

Once your baby bump begins to grow more rapidly, your old jeans will cease to fit you. You will have to buy a new pair that will fit your current body type. When investing on a pair of maternity jeans, you need to focus on two things—size and comfort. Whatever feels comfortable during the sixth month will seem super uncomfortable the next month. So, make sure to choose a stretchable material. This way, you will be able to use the item for a longer period.

Choose Comfortable Footwear

During the sixth month, you will begin to experience a lot of pain on your hips, legs and feet. This will make the simplest tasks such as walking extremely painful. Even standing on your feet for a few minutes will become uncomfortable. This is why it is important for you to invest on some good shoes. Now is not the time to run around in heels. This will increase your back pain to a greater degree. You need to pick supportive footwear such as sandals and flip-flops. Make sure the footwear is spacious since your feet will get bigger once they start to swell.

Pick Suitable Tops

When picking tops, you need to ensure that they will be useful on the long-term. Do not buy body-fit clothes. These will be useless after you lose your pregnancy weight. You need to opt for clothing that will make you feel both stylish and comfortable. Nursing tops are becoming highly popular among pregnant women these days. They prove to be incredibly useful during the period of breastfeeding since they make the task more discreet and convenient. Of course, you will not be able to visit the mall looking for such customized clothing. If you visit an online maternity clothing platform such as SevenWomen, nursing tops will be available in various styles and sizes. Such sites will enable you to do your shopping without having to tire yourself.

Picking the right clothes during pregnancy could be a tough challenge even for the trendiest mom in the world. When updating your wardrobe for this period, dismiss all the fashion myths you have heard and pick the clothes that make you feel beautiful and comfortable. Regardless of how large your body might become, remember you are a mom and thus, you are a goddess.

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