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The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Weaning

Weaning can be a difficult time for parents. All babies are ready at a different age to begin eating normal foods, but there are signs that your baby is ready to begin eating. Weaning can be messy and knowing what is best to give your baby can be daunting as a new parent. Here are read more »

Usefulness of a Family Locator Apps for Working Moms

Being a working mom is living a life where each hour of every day has been booked for some task on your to-do-list. And this haphazard routine goes on until you find yourself on the bed, tired enough to just go to sleep. In all this chaos, mommies are finding is very hard to know read more »

Spooky Halloween Car Wash Prank by Ford

I love a good prank – especially on Halloween, but oh my….I would have probably had a heart attack! But I have to admit….I chuckled. And I will probably be thinking twice before entering a car wash again! Enjoy Ford’s version of a spooky car wash prank. Get Free Halloween Fun Printables (bookmarks, stickers, games, read more »

Clickin Moms – T-Shirt Giveaway – Great Site for Gifts for that Photo Mom you Know

We all have a photo buff on our friend list. Whether they just love to Instagram or they have a budding photography business, these gifts are the perfect thoughtful gift. The best-selling “Moms Gonna Snap” t-shirt is a sure hit or choose from the large selection of photo related jewelry and accessories. Check out the read more »


Temperatures are soaring and so are our water bills! We all know the importance of conserving water, but now that we are finally enduring the year’s hottest months, it’s time to get motivated to save water. All you have to do is take one glance at your water bill to know that something has to read more »

How to clear up and clear off unwanted discs

The more entertainment technology moves on towards digital downloads, the more our old discs are left behind to clog up closets, obstruct those shelves, and clutter our cabinets. It’s time to take back our homes and clear out all of those redundant discs which are collecting dust and taking up valuable storage space, particularly in read more »

Great Video & Contest – Teach Your Kids to be Giving & Caring

THROW A PARTY WITH A PURPOSE! Mother-Daughter Team Lisa Cerone & LemonAID Warrior Lulu Discuss Philanthro-Party Tips and How Your Child Can Win a $1,000 “Skullership” Gen Z (0-18 years old) is a generation defined as un-bordered, optimistic, inspired and entrepreneurial. With the power and knowledge of the world at their fingertips, how do parents read more »

I Love Wendy’s! Fun Video for and Website for You

Ready for some Wendy’s fun?? Wendy’s will undergo many changes this year by updating their logo and revamping many of their locations. Right now, all of you Wendy lovers have a chance at your 15 minutes of fame with the all new new Right Price Right Size Menu made up of 18 favorite items, all read more »