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MotherhoodWhat has surprised you most about motherhood?

Before kids…. we “think” we know what motherhood will be like.   We think we know how we will parent our kids.  We think we know how we’ll feel.  But once there…..many surprises can be in store.

 Share from your own walk as a mom – what has surprised you most about this journey of motherhood?


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    There is no way to truly understand the challenges, emotions and rewards of being a mother until you have your first child and I would have to say that was the biggest surprise for me about motherhood. When you are dreaming about or imagining your life as a mom, what your children will be like, etc, there is no way to forsee how different circumstances can affect everyday life.

    This is an exerpt of my response! Read it all here:

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    Great topic for discussion!

    My response is posted right here.

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    I hate to admit it but the thing that surprised me the most was that I would like being a mom and having kids. In fact after waiting so long to have one it was like “gee, should have done this sooner”, especially after having a tubal pregnancy on my second one.

    My sister’s kids used to be so hyper and man, the fights between each of them and then also with their parents was enough for me to say “No way, not me, not ever!” Then I got married and after a few years we finally decided to try. And it is just beyond words what happens when you look into that little one’s eyes and touch all their fingers and toes. Yes, I have the bad days with tantrums and arguments but then the good days of coloring together or curling up on the sofa to watch a movie are the best moments in life.

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