What Digital Camera do you like Best?

Inquiring minds want to know…. tell us what type of Digital Camera you use and why you like that best.  Please also include an estimated price.  Leave a link to one of your blog posts showing off your camera and what it can do.

*We get alot of people asking for advice on purchasing a digital camera…. let’s help them out!


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    If you are looking for an economical camera, that is easy to use, yet takes great pictures, I highly recommend a Sanyo 5.0 mega pixel. It’s approximately 3×5 in size, shows the picture in the back, and has great settings for flowers, nature, sunsets, people, black and white, etc. It’s a compact camera that does a lot. We got it at Walmart for just under $100. Here are a couple of links to pictures we have taken with it:

    Sunsets: http://joyinthemorning.clubmom.com/joy_in_the_morning/2007/07/photo-hunters-s.html

    Collage of kids and close-ups: http://joyinthemorning.clubmom.com/joy_in_the_morning/2007/06/theme-sweet.html

    Close-up of a beautiful caterpillar: http://joyinthemorning.clubmom.com/joy_in_the_morning/2007/07/what-is-this-be.html

    My adorable baby: http://joyinthemorning.clubmom.com/photos/uncategorized/2007/07/12/baby.jpg

    I like the fact it’s easy to use, can seem to do complex things with ease and turns out great pictures. Manual is easy to understand.

    Finding JOY in the Morning

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    Though I would LOVE an SLR digital camera, after much research, I bought a CanonA540. It works great for close-ups (to photograph my pendants) and for kids’ pictures ;)….even when the puppy moves! I have also printed out photos and posters, and they came out great. Fairly easy to navigate…

    See close-ups at

    and kids pics at

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    oops…bought it for 169.00 on sale. I would check bizrate.com or one of those sites when you have picked your specific camera. You can always find great deals, and often pick them up in the store!

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    I have a Canon Rebel digital SLR and I LOVE IT!
    It’s not a cheap camera, it cost about $1000 CDN but it was worth every penny to me for the gorgeous photos I get (even though I know I don’t use half the features there are on the camera). Another really great advantage of a digital SLR is there isn’t any delay. I can’t count the amount of times a friend has used my camera and gone gaga over the fact that the photo takes as soon as you press the button – no more JUST missing the moment!
    Here are a few photos I’ve taken (I couldn’t just choose one!)
    On a train at the zoo
    At the cottage
    First time under the sprinkler
    Driving through the rockies

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    I like my Olympus SP-55OUZ. It has a guide that picks the right setting for you. Just turn the dial to Guide, pick your mission, and it will do the rest.

    It can take 15 shots a second, which is VERY cool, er, not that I’ve used this feature yet.

    It takes nice indoor photos and good closeups, though these photos don’t show how close it can go: http://pinkpowersuit.blogspot.com/2007/07/im-lovin-me-some-saturdays.html

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    Oh, and I should add that the bird photo at the bottom of that post was taken through a window at low light.

    I DO use Picasa to improve the sharpness a smidge and the colour. But only a bit, because I’m a perfectionist.

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    We recently bought the new Olympus 770W (http://www.olympusamerica.com/cpg_section/product.asp?product=1287), after our old Cannon took a dunk in the ocean thanks to a rogue wave. Loved that Cannon.

    But we decided that with two kids, a mommy who loves to take pictures everywhere possible, and a bad experience with water, we wanted something that could withstand a little wear-and-tear.

    According to the Olympus website, “You can drop it (from 5ft), dunk it (to 33ft), freeze it (-10°C/14°F) or even try to crush it (up to 220lbf), and it will still take amazing photos.”

    In other words, it is kid-proof and ocean-proof!

    I am very satisfied with the pictures I’ve taken, and the ease of the different features. The only drawbacks are 1) it didn’t come with the required xD card, so I had to buy that separately, and 2) the lithium-ion battery has an external charger, which means you probably need a backup (use one and charge one).

    Altogether we paid about $380, including the xD card.

    Here is my favorite pictures so far from the cameras:

    If you go to our website (http://www.theleibys.com), everything from June 13th on is from this camera. Same with my blog (http://theleibyfamily.blogspot.com).

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    I have a Nikon D70s and I love it! It is large to carry around but it takes great pictures every time! Here are a few of my favorites…

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    We have a Canon Powershot A540 and we love it! It takes great shots, even in difficult conditions, is easy to use, and has a large, clear screen on the back. We got it for just under $200 last fall after shopping around online.

    Here are some blog posts with photos from this camera:



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    Almost a year ago since I got my Canon powershot S3 IS (i think an S5 IS is already out, but not sure), and since then it has been with me everywhere I go!
    The shots that I took are evident on my blog’s header ( http://lifesnippets.net )… 🙂
    Super macro mode, selective coloring, image stabilizer and the 12x optical zoom is what I love most about the camera. Definitely worth it!

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    I use the Casio Exilim S600. The model is a little old now and at the time I bought it, it cost about $430. I like it because it is compact, easy to carry around, it takes good shots without a flash (great for taking pictures of young babies), it records movies with sound, it has a quick load and rapid recovery for the next picture (although I know there are newer cameras that are even faster now).

    You can see some pictures in my blog header:

    I also use a mobile phone camera. I use the Nokia N72. The picture quality is also pretty good. It’s convenient because I almost never leave the house without my mobile phone so I have it on hand whenever I need to capture a picture moment.

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    Hi! I purchased the Canon Rebel xTi earlier this year (Digital SLR). I wrote a review of it on my blog when I first purchased it: http://monavoir.com/2007/03/12/product-review-canon-rebel-xti-digital-slr/

    An exerpt:
    On with the review though…

    1. 10.1 Megapixels. Wow. Take a look at the picture of Ter in the water above. Even at a lower resolution (in order to load up to flikr), the detail and quality is amazing. You can see every reflection, every facet. The increased photo size has made photoshopping the pictures so much easier as well. Having more pixelage to play with means having more flexibility and quality in the finished product.

    2. Ease of Use: For being an SLR, I’ve found this camera very easy to learn. I haven’t touched an adjustable lense since high school, but with a day of reviewing the manual, I think I’ve got most of the controls figured out. Now using said controls? Using them well? Will take some more time.

    3. Functionality: The camera is fully adjustable – from aperture to speed, to flash, etc etc. I’ve had some fun playing with the aperture settings and forgot how much flexibility that can bring to your photo taking. I think I shot 150 pictures of the candles, just learning how to use the light. Fun fun!

    4. 4 photo per second automatic shooting: Football season and action shots will never be the same. I can’t wait to spend more time playing with this feature.

    See the detail?5. Interchangeability: The camera can use most standard lenses, flashes, and accessories. I’ve already got my heart set on a telephoto lens. Wonder how long it will take me to justify that investment?

    6. 2.5 inch display: Nice. Big enough to review the pictures taken without taking up the entire backside of the camera.

    7. Durability: So far, so good. I’ve carried it slung over my shoulder with the strap. Stood in the waves and put it in a beach bag in the sand. It’s holding up fairly well, except for the tendency for the lens cover to pop off unexpectedly. I will be purchasing the bag however, because even if it appears durable, I’m not willing to risk it.

    I’ve been using it for some time now and I’ve invested in several lenses. It’s a great starter for anyone who’d like to get into using an SLR for a price of under $1000. I may upgrade in the future to a camera with a faster speed, but I’ve been extremely satisfied with the pictures so far. (I’ve even sold a few shots)

    Some of my favorites:
    Middle son at the beach: http://www.flickr.com/photos/monavoir/507022026/in/set-72157600237056451/

    Out the window of the airplane:

    Rockefeller Center, New York:

    And to show what it can do with a couple add-ons, my favorite picture using my new 400 lens with doubler:

    Love it and would highly recommend!

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    I use a Nikon D50 and I love it! Some of my favorite pictures: http://justmyrambling.com/2007/07/25/wordless-wednesday/
    and http://justmyrambling.com/2007/07/01/weekend-outingpart-1/
    and the pictures in my blog header was also taken with this camera.
    A DSLR is more expensive than a point-and-shoot camera but to me, it’s definitely worth the money especially if you love taking pics of your kids. My photos of my gal used to come up blur all the time since she always moving around but now it’s so much easier to take pic of her. 🙂

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    I don’t know how I got along without my digital camera! I recently bought a Canon Rebel XT EOS 350D and it takes great pictures and is SO easy to use. Since I’m also a writer, it’s been fun taking pix to go with my articles.

    Here’s a picture of the yurt I stayed in when we were on vacation last week that was posted on my blog


    I love it so much, I decided to stock it in my ZLIO shop!


    It starts at about $620.

    Take care,

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    for digital cameras, it is better if it has higher optical zoom. do not care about digital zoom! if you will be taking pictures of moving objects like in sports, consider a cam with faster shutter speed to minimize blurry pictures. but if you will be taking still pictures like sunset or sunrise, consider a cam with slower shutter speed to better capture the colors.

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    I have the Nikon D80 and it’s totally amazing! It’s a little pricey though but it’s so easy to use and then takes really awesome photos!:) I have samples in my blog. 🙂

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    We also have a Canon A540 and we love it as well! The photos are sharp and clear and the size of the screen on the back makes it easy to view photos and even watch the videos that I take on it. It was very reasonably priced at just about $200 and here’s a link to photos we took with it this summer:


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    I’m lovin my Nikon D40, an entry level DSLR which I got for roughly 620USD. Although I am missing my compact Nikon Coolpix 3200, D40 has faster shutter speed and manual settings i can tinker with to produce desired output 🙂

    Some of the photos I used in my digiscrap layouts can be found here


    I agree with Charlotte, do not be mislead by high digital zoom features.

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    I see a couple of Canon Rebel Owners here and I am proud owner as well! I love all the shooting modes and I actually tried to learn about aperture, lighting, speed and all that but now I just chose the appropriate shooting mode like portrait, macro for focus, landscape, etc. it works great!

    Here’s some samples of my shots:


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    I use a Canon S3IS and I do like it a lot…but as my skills grow, I’m beginning to want to make the step over into the ‘true’ digital SLR. Hopefully, within the next year.

    Here is the link to everything labels with ‘photography’ on my blog so it will just pull up posts with my pictures in them for you.


    All of my pictures on this blog were taken with the Canon.

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    I’m a huge fan of the whole Kodak Easyshare family of products. I have the camera and printer. I’m on my second Easyshare camera. I’m totally amateur when it comes to photography, so I love how Kodak makes everything so user friendly. Their products are easy enough that you don’t even really have to use a manual! Here are some examples of pics I’ve taken with my camera:


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    I won’t pretend to know much about it, but dh is a photographer and I get to use his Nikon D70 whenever I want to. I just fiddle with the settings and the focus and pick the shots that I like. Regarding the price, hmmm. I’m a bit suspicious of what dh told me. Anyway, he had it purchased from Dubai and the rates are supposedly cheaper there than here in Manila. I’d say it’s around 650-700USD.

    Lots of pics on the site, but here’s a one of a box of cupcakes:)


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    I use a Kodak EasyShare. It’s really easy to use and allows me the ability to quickly upload the photos to my computer while simultaneously deleting the photos from the camera.


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    We have a Canon PowerShot A630 and love it! It takes photos and videos and has a ton of features I haven’t played with yet. The display is nicely sized. It uses USB to download the photos, etc. My mom got one recently and really likes hers too.


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