Tweet Smart – 10 Quick Twitter Tips for Success

twitter tips
Twitter Tips
Twitter Tip 1: Make sure to balance tweets and engaging with your followers. Don’t provide just Twitter noise and not valuing your followers. No one wants to hear you constantly tweet without giving back.

Twitter Tip 2: Reach out and connect with at least 10 NEW people you follow each day. Reply, Re-Tweet, Favorite other’s tweets. Build the relationship. #tweetsmart

Twitter Tip 3: Plan your time spent on Twitter. It moves so fast, you can loose hours being on. Check your Twitter feed 4-6 times a day, for 15-20 minutes at a time. Don’t approach Twitter with the mentality that you are going to miss out if your aren’t there. #tweetsmart

Twitter Tip 4: Space your tweets out. If you have too many tweets going out one right after another at a time, people will gloss over them. Don’t become INvisible due to trying to be TOO visible. #tweetsmart

Twitter Tip 5: Don’t follow random people hoping to increase your number of followers. Follow who you want and need to reach along with those you have things in common with. #tweetsmart

Twiter Tip 6: Make a point to re-tweet others when you read value in a tweet, to help them be seen. We all need to help each other out in my humble opinion. #tweetsmart

Twitter Tip 7: Don’t spam via tweets or a direct message to new followers or to someone new you follow asking for sales, reviews, retweets or visits to your website. Relationship comes first. #tweetsmart

Twitter Tip 8: Don’t air your dirty laundry on Twitter. Bloggers and businesses should not bad mouth an individual or another business via tweets. It shows a lack of class and maturity. #tweetsmart

Twitter Tip 9: Don’t make the mistake of thinking YOUR voice and opinion is more important than others. Keep your ego in check #tweetsmart

Twitter Tip 10: I see many only tweeting links or self promoting and not engaging with others. Engaging builds relationships=better business.

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