Raising Your Child in a Tech Savvy World

girl and mobile phone
Kids and Mobile Phones

If you are parenting the latest generation, you are probably facing a unique situation. It is one that many other parents are also struggling with. This challenge sprouts from an increase in dependence on technology by the children of today. Younger and younger children are having access to digital devices, making this a hotly debated topic.

It does not seem that such devices are going away anytime soon. Thus, parents are forced to make their peace with technology and come up with their own rules. For instance, each mother decides at what age their child gets a phone, and how much they are willing to pay regarding the mobile phone price. For those that are still uncertain, here are some tips for moms who want to know what to do in this situation:

Don’t Discourage

There are parents who attempt to ban devices such as Samsung smartphone at home. They do not allow their children to use phones or other technology. This, however, may not be the answer. One of the reasons is that most schools and other educational institutions insist that your child learns to use a variety of devices. Most schoolwork and homework are done on tech devices. Thus, depriving your child of this opportunity will only mean that they will fall behind. By discouraging use of tech, you are mistakenly reinforcing the idea that devices are bad. However, when they are used appropriately, they can be a great learning tool.

Limit Use

While you should not dampen their spirits regarding technology, you need to keep a close watch on how much your children use it. While there are many different theories on how digital devices affect young children, it is still difficult to know the extent of the consequences. This, in part, is because there has not been a generation quite like this one. While previous generations of children may have used technology, it has not been to such a large degree. This is why you should minimize how much your children use their digital devices. In addition to limiting the time spent on tech, you should also watch what they are being exposed to. This content can have a huge impact on how children will grow and develop.

Respect Age Restrictions

This is something that most parents tend to ignore. They do it with videogames, websites, and social media sites. They feel that just because everyone else is doing it, their child should also be allowed to do this. Regardless of your personal beliefs, a good way to make sure that your child is using devices responsibly is to follow the age restrictions placed by the site. If you want your child to maintain their youthful innocence, do not let them join websites that are clearly inappropriate for them.

Traditional Communication

Balance is the key to raising someone who has the best of both worlds. While digital devices are incredibly useful and important, they will not be able to substitute real world experiences such as talking to one another. Instead of instant messaging or e-mailing all of the time, it is also a good idea to get your kid to talk to someone first.

These are just some of the ways that you can make sure your child uses technology responsibly and without harmful consequences.

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