How To Keep Your Kids Entertained This Vacation

Knowing how to keep your kids happy over the summer holidays is going to be invaluable to you, and remember that having fun doesn’t need to be expensive. With some creativity, you can keep your kids entertained for hours. If you have young children, then think ahead and make sure that the yard is safe to play in. Remove and trim any shrubbery that’s grown up over the winter and autumn months, and pull up poisonous flowers and plants such as foxgloves and English ivy. At the very least, ensure that your kids know not to touch or eat these blossoms, and warn them of the potential dangers. If you have a climbing frame, then inspect the structure to ensure it hasn’t rusted or worn away, and provide a soft landing area underneath using scrap pieces of tire, soft turf, or wood chippings.

Plan A Road Trip And Camp

This is fun for all the family, and you can camp along the way if you so wish. Consider packing up the car and driving across the state to visit a relative, or roam around to see more of the country. If you drive regularly, consider saving money on the gas costs of your trip by visiting Bonsai Finance. Pack camping supplies such as a four-man tent (providing you’re going as a small family), groundsheets, a sleeping bag for each camper, foldaway chairs or stools, a small stove, and two or three pots for cooking. You can have great fun doing this, and can stop off to sleep at appropriate points on the way. Alternatively, hire a camper van for a long weekend or for the week, and enjoy living off the grid for a while. Doing this incorporates travel, with fun and family time, and your kids will be sure to love it as long as the weather is warm, and there’s plenty for them to get up to.

Foster Interests  

If your kids have been set homework for the summer vacation, then think about ways to make completing it easier for them. If they’ve been set a summer task by the science department, then get them out and about and looking at different fallen leaves, small bugs and insects at the beach and in the yard, for example. If they have to complete a short written piece for an English project, then ensure that you’re reading stories to them at night to inspire their creativity, and don’t neglect to help them learn their spellings. Similarly, encourage them to use their time off wisely by taking them to the local library to fetch books, or procure a musical instrument that they can learn to play in their downtime.

Make Your Yard Fun

During the hottest months of the year, you and your family might not feel like heading out, and instead just want to relax in the sun in the comfort of the backyard. So, ensure that it’s inviting for children and has a shady place for them to cool down after running about, such as a treehouse, a tepee erected at the foot of your yard, or a large umbrella. Add a swing ball garden game and a goal post for outside ball games. Consider having a sprinkler that waters the grass, and provides endless fun for your kids. In the height of summer, get them into their swimwear and let them run through the sprinkler and splash around in the paddling pool.

Arts And Crafts

Kids love getting creative, so try and organize a day of arts and crafts. Remember that PVA glue, sequins, and little sticky fingers can make a huge mess, so be sure to lay down some sheeting before getting underway, or take this fun outside to the grass. Some ingredients in glue can be harmful and toxic for small organisms in the lawn however, so try and source environmentally friendly paint products and supplies. Invite a small group of your children’s friends to join, and make an afternoon of it. Provide plenty of large sheets of paper and card, and supervise young children playing outside at all times. Make sandwiches alongside fresh lemonade for refreshments, and you’ve got yourself an enjoyable afternoon spent in the yard – and all for low cost.

Stay At Home

It’s not always possible to leave the house every day of the week, so have some home activities up your sleeve for a rainy day. Think about arranging a movie afternoon, complete with popcorn and a fortress made from sheets – a reliable way of making staying in fun for young children. If you’re confined to the four walls, then think about teaching your kids how to cook and prepare an easy recipe for dinner, or bake a cake for dessert. Better still, if you have a vegetable patch, then let your children pick some veggies for dinner and cook them together. With this said, a day planting seeds and attending to the yard can provide plenty of fun, especially if kids can get their hands dirty in the soil and run about with the watering can.

Fun Days Out

In the run-up to summer break, endeavor to keep an eye out for what’s happening in your local area and what events (often free) are being held. If you have an active role in the community, then think about organizing a summer fair, for example. Prepare to keep your kids entertained by looking out for coupons and discounts online, and in newspapers and magazines. You might have to collect a certain number of coupons to enjoy a free activity or day out, so get collecting ahead of time. Play it safe, and ask your kids what they’d like to do over the summer and make a list of their suggestions. Think about planning a surprise day out, but only once you’ve got the go-ahead from your kids. Make sure that they’re going to love what you’ve got planned by dropping subtle hints, otherwise the day might not unfold how you hoped it would.

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