How to Give Your Home a Cozy Winter Makeover

sitting by a cozy winter fire
Enjoying a Cozy Winter Fire

As the days get shorter and the leaves begin to change many people dive head-first into decorating their homes for the upcoming holidays. The pumpkins are placed on the porch steps, handprint turkeys decorate refrigerators and windows, and the boxes of Christmas decorations are pulled from the storage closet.

While decorating for the holiday seasons is a great way to temporarily transform your home with festive touches, there are other ways that you can warm up your space in preparation for those cold days to come. Adding a few simple touches and changing some pieces of furniture can give your home a cozy feel that is just right for the season, holiday or not.

Read on to learn more about our tips and tricks to create a space that just begs to be curled up in, cup of cocoa and good book optional, but not required.

1. Bring the Outside In

Fall and winter are times of intense changes in the natural world, and there is beauty in the bleak of it all. Consider decorating your space with some of natural accents present in nature. These can include anything that you find attractive and pleasing to the eye. Pinecones, twigs, fall leaves, colorful bird feathers, and acorns can all lend an intriguing element to your decor and make your home feel like a hibernation oasis.

Get your family in on the fun of decorating with winter elements. Take a nature walk and collect as you go. Children will find this especially fun as they find and gather all of the things necessary to make your home a winter wonderland.

give your home a winter makeover
Add Color to your Winter Decor

2. Add Color

Winter is a time for rich hues in bright jeweled tones that brighten up many different things that may seem dull in the short days of the season. While it might not be practical to paint your walls a dark and luscious purple for just a few months, you can add color in more temporary ways, like an accent wall that can be painted over come spring.

Consider changing your draperies from summer sheers to something heavier. A dark red or rich blue drape in a heavier fabric not only helps keep your room warmer, the color also invokes a feeling of safety and security. Just make sure that you open them wide each morning to take advantage of the limited light that winter offers.

Buy New Furniture

While winter might not be the time when most people consider buying new furniture, there are some advantages to doing so. Not only might you encounter numerous sales that can save you a bundle, the addition of new pieces can liven up your home in a serene and warm way.

One piece of furniture that will transform your winter space is a new bed. On a cold winter’s night there is nothing better than climbing into a cozy and comfortable bed. Adjustable beds are a great investment, but many of the popular brands can be prohibitively expensive. Consider a comfort bed that adjusts to your personal sleep style, and add a lush comforter and piles of pillows to create the perfect cold weather nest.

Blankets, Blankets Everywhere

One of the best parts of a cold day is snuggling up with a blanket and diving into a good book or a great movie. Make sure that your family and guests have access to all of the blankets that they could ever need to ensure that the cozy factor is high.

Chenille blankets, crocheted afghans, snuggly fleece throws, and faux fur can make your space inviting and warm. If you have a window seat or a reading nook make sure that these spaces are piled high with blankets and pillows that encourage lingering on a chilly afternoon.

Floor rugs can also add to the coziness factor of your room. If possible, swap out thin, summer rugs for heavier, plusher winter styles. After a long day of skiing or snowshoeing, a thick rug to dig one’s cold toes into will be a very welcome reprieve.

Winter has traditionally been a time of reflection, and what better way to do that than in a cozy, warm home. Think natural, think soft, and think cozy when choosing accents for your winter space, and your case of spring fever might just come a little late next year.



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