Five Activities to Keep Kids Busy So You Can Work on Your Studies

As a mom, there’s no doubt that you’re juggling many hats at once. Looking after the kids is pretty much a full-time job in itself, never mind holding down a job, keeping the house running smoothly, and any other interests and responsibilities you have. If you’re a mom who has recently decided to enroll in an online degree program with the hopes of starting a new career, then you can add one more item to the “to do” list.

Maybe you’re looking to break into a whole new field such as a job in public health. This means your studies will require a lot of focus, attention, and energy. All you have to do is click here to see what’s involved in the online master in public health through a prestigious school such as The University of Arizona to see just how much will be expected of you as a student.

So, how can you manage to spend time on your studies when you’ve got kids that need caring for at the same time? That’s exactly where this list of activities comes in handy. These are all meant to keep the kids busy, happy, and out of your hair so you can focus on your studies.

A Trip to the Library

One idea is to prepare in advance and take the kids to the library. You may want to schedule a weekly trip to the library, allowing them to pick up new books each time. You can then save their books for those times when you’re busy studying. This will keep them busy and engaged so you can do the same.

The Craft Bin of Surprises

Most moms are quick to realize that crafts can be a secret weapon when it comes to keeping kids busy. There’s just something about a bucket full of supplies that grabs the attention of kids pretty much immediately. You can stock up on your craft supplies at dollar-type stores and then keep the bin hidden until you need that peace and quiet. Try to replenish the bin with new and different items on a regular basis in order to keep it exciting and fresh.

Nothing Wrong with a Little TV Time

Sure, you don’t want to plonk the kids in front of the TV for hours and hours each day, but structured TV time certainly won’t hurt them and it will definitely help you out. If you’re still feeling guilty about the TV time, you can always be the one who decides what they watch.

Send Them Outdoors

As long as the weather permits and you have a safe and fenced in backyard, sending the kids outside to play can be another great activity. Kids will get to burn off some of their energy, will get a healthy dose of fresh air, and you’ll get the peace and quiet you need to study.

Carving Out Study Time Requires a Little Bit of Work

In order to get the peace and quiet that you need, a little pre-planning for the kids is in order. By taking the time to give kids an activity you’ll find that things are much smoother and calmer while you focus on schoolwork.

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