frequently asked questions


We seem to get the same questions sent over and over – and typically it is because directions haven’t been followed as laid out on the site, or possibly an individual is rushing through to get a blog listed and not reading in full how everything works.

Please remember also that this is a free service offered to bloggers, and to be patient, especially if you are asking us to correct something due to an error on your part.


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  1. I have more than one blog that I want to list.  How do I do that? Do I need to register for each blog? No, you do not need to register for each blog.  Simply register once, under one user name and then list one of your blogs with the Add a Blog link.  Anytime you want to add another blog, log into your profile and then click on the Add a Blog link.
  2. I joined and listed my blog but I don’t see it in the directory yet.  When will it be approved? Per our information on the List Your Blog area, we approve blogs 1 – 2 times a week.  And say to allow up to 5 – 7 working days for approval.  While it is typically faster than this, some weeks we are inundated with more than 100 new blogs to approve.
  3. I joined but have not received the email with my password.  What do I do? This seems to happen because of an individual”s or ISP mail/spam filters.  If you have not received the email with your password be SURE to check your spam box.  If it is not there, email us and we will look up your password in the system and send to you.
  4. My name is showing and I don’t want it to.  How can I change that? Your username will show to the public.  This is why we state in the List Your Blog area to NOT use anything that you don’t want to be public.  You cannot change your username.  You would need to have us delete your account and then start over again.  If your name is showing in the Profile area but NOT as a username, you can log in and change that information. You can log into your profile, click on the My Links under my toolbox and change information about your blog.
  5. I’m trying to list my blog but it says it can’t be found. How can I list my blog? The system is timing out trying to find your blog.  It could be because of your host having a momentary glitch. Instead of putting in your own blog url – put in one of our sites; http://www.freefontfun.com and then in the description, be sure to also put in your own url for us to copy and put in place of the http://www.freefontfun.com
  6. I want to change information about my blog. (ie, description, url, change categories) How do I do that? You can log into your profile, click on the My Links under my toolbox and change information about your blog.. I need to delete my blog. How do I do that? You will need to email us about deleting your blog.  We will need your username, name of blog and link number to delete.
  7. I registered but cannot log in or post at the message boards. You need to register separately at the message boards as it is a different system.  You can register for the boards here: http://www.themomblogs.com/forum/ We manually approve members every 24 – 48 hours to cut down on bogus members spamming the boards. ***OUR MESSAGE BOARDS WILL REOPEN SUMMER 2015***

*Note that by listing your blog with us you are agreeing to be a part of TheMomBlogs.com ezine list.  This is to alert you on news, changes, announcements and specials.