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Need to get in touch with or contact us?  simple….Just send an email to admin[at]
BUT please first, read below:

PR Firms/Advertisers: We have more than 8500 Mom Bloggers you can reach through us for product sampling, product testing or posting about your product.  This is done via our Samples for Moms Program – please mention this when writing.

We also provide Product Reviews.  Products must be mailed to us, and will not be returned.  We require that the company provide photos for the products that we can include.

We also have many advertising options including 300 word blog writes ups that you can write yourself, which can include up to two pictures.

Mom Bloggers: Be sure to read our FAQ area before emailing us to see if your question can be answered there.

Be sure to be as detailed as possible regarding what you are contacting us about.  Please do not contact us about joining your company as an affiliate