Cell Phones and Kids

Child and Cell Phone

This weeks blog topic is cell phones and kids.

Tell us your thoughts: Good, bad, age limits, time limits, they pay, you pay, to be used in school, to be banned from school…..?

What is your take on the topic? Share your personal experience in how you have handled the topic of cell phones with your own children.

And may the blogging begin…..


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    There’s always good and bad with technology, isn’t there? I like that parents have another way to communicate with their kids… but, that can also create a false sense of security. I know parents who have become more lax about where their kids go and who they’re with; they feel the kids are closer than they really are just because they’re reachable by phone.

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    In today’s rapidly changing and sometimes extremely dangerous world it is almost necessary to have a cell phone to stay connected and safe. For children younger than their teens perhaps the only phone necessary would be one with a GPS tracking device built in and could only call the parents, a family member, or 911. I don’t feel it’s absolutely a requirement for all kids. Some can handle it and some can’t. There will be abuse of the privilege and I think that teaching proper etiquette is crucial.
    I feel my son is still too young at 5 to handle a cell phone right now. He would lose it! When he gets old enough to understand the necessity of it, then he will be taught what it is for, how to use it, when to call, etc. It’s up to the parents to teach proper procedure and the what the protocol is. Until the child has a job I feel the parents obviously would pay for it if they want the child to have one. Then when the teen gets a job they can pay for their own!

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    My boys are still a little young for cell phones, but when they get to be a bit older, I’d like them to have one. At least the kind where they can call only home or for emergencies, etc. I think it will give me peace of mind. I do think they should be allowed in schools, as long as they are put away and not causing a distraction (and they should be turned off.) When our kids get to be old enough to have a job, then we’ll probably have them pay towards their cell phone bill. Who knows by then if cell phones will be a thing of the past!

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    You can read my response to this week’s topic on my blog.

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    I recently posted an article on this subject with some great links, as well as, some tips and tricks:

    Cell Phones: A Parent’s Dilemma or Dream?

    Long Island Dad

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    How would you like us to link about this topic? If we write about it, do you have a database we add to? Will you provide links for those who blogged on the topic? Or is it as simple as posting what we wrote here in link form? Just curious.

    Mary DeMuth

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    I think that every family has to look at their individual circumstances and decide what is best for them. In our case, there has been no need for our children to carry cell phones as we are a homeschooled family and the majority of our time is spent with each other. During circumstances where my husband & myself have been apart from the kids, they have had the use of land-line phones or cell phones of whom they are staying with.

    However, our oldest two boys are now 15 and 16yrs. old. My sixteen year old will be getting his drivers license this June, after his 17th birthday. He also will be getting a part-time job. His father and I believe that the right time for him to have his own phone is after he acquires a job. The phone will be one that we choose, not with a lot of bells & whistles, but adequate enough to meet his needs. It will be in our name, but he will be given the responsibility to not only care for it, but pay the monthly fees. We will follow suite with his younger brother in the same manner.

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    My oldest is only 11, and we homeschool, so there is no need for cell phones with my kids. (We don’t even have one ourselves, although I do have a Tracfone with no minutes that I keep in the car in case I need to dial 911.) When my oldest gets old enough for a job, I’ll probably invest in one of the “pay as you go” type phones like TracFone. It will only be for security purposes.

    Personally, I see NO need for a kid to have a cell phone for general purposes. They don’t need to be calling all over creation any time they want, to whoever they want. That can be just as dangerous as unsupervised internet.

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    Today cell phones seem to be viewed as a “Necessary Evil”. You can’t go anywhere without seeing people chatting away on them through stores and even driving or walking down the road! I have to admit that I am shocked though by all of the advertisements for cell phones and plans that are aimed at children!

    For our family cell phones won’t come into the picture until their teen years and even then with restrictions. I see cell phones as a safety tool, not a rite! When they are older and it becomes a way for them to communicate with us during their various practices and sporting events, then they become a need for us. Until then though – I don’t see the point.

    If used too young they become a toy and worse yet they potentially expose children to predators. All of that to say that each family does have different needs, but I don’t know why a child would be alone in public enough to warrant the need of a cell phone and frankly that’s all I see them necessary for.

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    A year ago I purchased a pay-as-you-go phone for my 11 year old son. He travels back and forth between his father’s home and mine – a week on, then off. I enjoy being able to pick up the phone and call him anytime and check in. He has benefited from the independence of being able to talk with either parent when he feels the need. For example, maybe his has a bad day at school and his father gives him a “Well, that’s life son” response, but it isn’t helping. He can go to his room and call me and tell me the same and I might help him process what went wrong and then make him laugh (the same can also be said in reverse). It gives my son more privacy and allows him to call his dad before he goes to sleep as if his dad is in his bedroom and talk before he drifts off. I tend to look at the wonder and joy of technology and its ability to change lives. It connects us all in ways we never thought possible. But then … I have a boy and he is not big on being a chatter on the phone … if it were a girl … well that is a subject for a mile long comment on another day… 😉
    Catherine, the redhead.

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    I blogged about this today in my blog. Here is the link: http://www.momsbuzz.com/blogs/redsmom94/5165/Kids+and+Cell+Phones.html

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    Just posted about this topic at


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    My own cherubs are too little for cell phones but…I have seen the positive side of this necessary evil when observing my step-sisters-in-law who are all in their teens. They are required to check in with their mother frequently throughout the night and call when they are on their way home from evening events. There are no missed curfews and my step mother-in-law seems to know where they are at all times. Non-compliance with her check in by cell phone rules means loss of cars and phones immediately. Sooo much has changed since I was a teen sneaking up the back stairs well past curfew!

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    here’s the link to my discussion of this week’s topic.

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    Have you heard of the cell phones for families/kids which only dial and recieve certain numbers? Perfect for the emergency situation and filters out the gunk we all worry about.

    We’re debating some new government coins in production over on my site–drop in to share your opinion there, too!

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