6 People to Talk to So You Can Save More Money Each Month

It can be stressful and frustrating to have too many bills and not enough income each month. Instead of going out and looking for a second job to help bring in more cash, you may need to sharpen your negotiating skills to help your family stretch their dollars. Depending on how well you can be persuasive, you may be able to ease the pressure on your stretched out wallet each month. Here are six people you should be contacting to help you save money on next month’s bills.

1. Your Boss

One of the first people you can schedule a meeting with is your boss. Before you make that appointment, make sure your work performance has been stellar. This way, when you arrive at the meeting you’ll have a better chance of making a case for your company giving you a raise. Asking for a raise can be terrifying, so make sure you plan out your speech before you step into your boss’ office. You’ll need to explain your value to the company to increase your chances of getting that extra boost in income.

2. Credit Card Company Representative

If your raise request wasn’t successful or if you need additional relief on your wallet each month, next, contact your credit card company’s customer service representative department. Unfortunately, you may not be able to single out an individual and make routine contact with that person. Typically, whoever you get on the phone is your main contact person. Ask about lowering your payment or interest rate to get some additional room in your monthly budget.

3. Your Spouse

The next conversation you need to have is one with your spouse. Some couples don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to budgeting. If your spouse is still spending like there’s an unlimited flow of cash, you’ll need to have an honest talk together. Discuss your family’s financial goals and make a budget together that you’ll both stick to. Consider each person’s needs and opinion about the finances before creating your final family budget.

4. Insurance Agent

Another person you should call and have a conversation with is your insurance agent. Having several insurance policies is a must for any family who wants to keep their assets and loved ones protected. You can talk to your Des Moines insurance agent about lowering your rate and bundling your policies together to pay much less than your current plan. Don’t be afraid of asking about lower rates and explaining your financial situation to your agent if you and your family are struggling.

5. Landlord or Mortgage Provider

It may also be worth your time to talk to either your landlord or your mortgage provider. Some landlords or banks will help you out with a reduced monthly payment for a temporary time if something happens to your family, such as an accident, major illness, or job loss. This is a smart step to take to avoid potentially missing your payment and getting closer to eviction or foreclosure. Your landlord or mortgage provider generally wants you to pay, so they may be willing to work with you.

6. Your Kids

Lastly, you should make some time to have an honest conversation about money with your children. Depending on their ages, you may be surprised at how helpful your kids could be with setting and sticking to a budget. It’s important to explain to your kids about the cost of things and how there isn’t always enough money. This can also help your children practice their own budgeting skills for the future.

If your family is having a tough time with finances, you should take steps to ease your burden by having several important conversations. Talking to these six people could help take away some of the stress of the financial struggle.

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