Virtual Reality Changes the Game in the Real Estate Market

Virtual reality has consistently grown in popularity over the last several years. The benefit of being able to almost duplicate an environment or experience is being seen by not just individuals, but by scores of businesses.  While virtual reality may initially be thought of for purely entertainment, and used by the entertainment industry, the real estate market is utilizing this technology to provide both the buyer and seller with a unique way to peruse their home options.

vr real estate
Virtual Reality 3D Tours

The Benefits of Virtual Reality

With vr real estate becoming increasingly popular, it is now to the point of it being a tool of necessity for the professional realtor.  As a realtor, you don’t want to fall behind and let your competitors get ahead of you by not offering virtual tours of the properties you are selling.  Gone are the days of simply offering standard photos, blueprint and size information on residential or commercial real estate for sale.  Buyers are pressed for time, and looking for as much information they can collect and view in the comfort of their home, in a realtors or builders office.

Builders are able to save quite a bit of money and from the need to build several models for potential home owners to see. Buy using a company such as Render 3D Quickly, they are able to offer a client all the different models, upgrades and looks of the variety of options available to them. Imagine having your client in your office, handing them a VR headset where they are able to experience a 3D walkthrough of a property you are offering. Not only does this allow them to see the basics of the model home, but the enhanced virtual reality experience can let them choose many options the builder offers:

  • Types of flooring available and what it looks like (i.e. carpet versus hardwood)
  • Countertop upgrades, choices and colors
  • Bathroom options in tubs and showers
  • Cabinet choices
  • Option of a finished basement or additional add on rooms

A virtual reality 3D tour is available to be seen from anywhere in the world. Your client is able to view and make choices without the need to physically be at the home they are interested in.

A Game Changer

The real estate market is continually changing with virtual reality tours becoming the mainstream of what a realtor and builder needs to offer as an option to potential buyers. Not only does it simplify the process, it saves time and money for everyone involved. (It is proven that with using virtual technology, upgrade sales increase 30 – 50%.) Don’t be left behind with solely utilizing the technology and sales concepts that you have used up until now. Become one of the game changers in your local market.

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