Usefulness of a Family Locator Apps for Working Moms

Being a working mom is living a life where each hour of every day has been booked for some task on your to-do-list. And this haphazard routine goes on until you find yourself on the bed, tired enough to just go to sleep. In all this chaos, mommies are finding is very hard to know where they teens are all the time and what they do. This stress is leaving them frustrated, anxious and deeply depressed and nothing else. For all those mommies who are struggling to manage their work and family life and finding is almost impossible to keep track of teens, there is good news: family locator apps can let you share half your burdens! You must be wondering how? So read on it might help you out.

Working Mom
Working Mom

A digital support for working moms

Being a mommy isn’t an easy job, and we all understand that being a working mom is way harder. Sometimes is gets really tough for working moms to figure out what their teens are going through. Such situation could welcome a number of serious problems for your family. It’s because ignored and neglected teens can make terrible decisions and trouble themselves. For all of these risks and for facilitating the working mommies in avoiding their stress, the best option is the use of a family tracker.

Let’s have a look, in how many ways a tracking app could help working moms in balancing their work and family life.

No hassle to know where they are

It’s not possible for any working lady to call each of the children several times a day to know whether they have made it safely to home, school, dancing classes, football court etc. But at the same time, moms can’t ignore wondering about teens’ whereabouts.

location history
Location History


Well, there is a very handy solution for it. You can go for an advanced tracking app like FamilyTime which can let you track where they have been all day long using a virtual map. It can show all the places they visited along with the time and address details.

Stay informed when they reach & leave

You can stay in the know with the auto check-ins and check-outs whenever they enter or exit the home, school etc. Moreover, if you find any place harmful for them like bars and clubs, you can put those to Places list and geo-fence their whereabouts. For this the best suited app is FamilyTime, because its Geo-fencing spec is very fast at sending notification if your teen goes to any suspicious place.

Never forget to pick them up!

Today’s family tracking apps are very smart and advanced at tracking the teens but another special feature is the instant alert which your teen can send you when it’s time to be picked up. It’s the PickMeUp alert which can keep you updated about the time to pick the teens even when you’re in a meeting.

Pick me up
Pick me up

Be there for them all the time!

It’s a feature which empowers the teens to send your instant alerts in any emergency or dangerous situation. The FamilyTime SOS (Panic) alert can not only send you alert in fact you could check the exact location of your teen instantly.


FamilyTime app also available on iTunes and Google Play:

app store
App Store
Google Play
Google Play

Family tracking- handy support for working moms

The specs of advanced tracking apps like FamilyTime are very handy and at the same time very facilitating for the working moms. If you too are struggling with your tough routine and stress about your teens’ whereabouts, going for a smart tracking app could be helpful. Enjoy your work-life balance smartly!

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