The Mom Blogs Traffic Exchange
Our Terms & Conditions

Our traffic exchange offers free traffic to your blog. If you are new to a button exchange, the way it works is that everyone who joins submits a 125 x 125 button and their button will be rotating on the other sites who have also joined. We are set up for a 3:4 ratio. Meaning that for every 4 impressions of someone elses button you show, you earn 3 impressions in the system with your button showing on other sites who are members. Bonus; You earn 500 impressions into your account for joining the exchange. These credits will appear after you send 1000 impressions.

You need to make sure you understand basic internet information and terms. This is a free service and we don't have the time to instruct on how to: 1. make a button or resize a button. 2. copy and paste codes into blogs. Every blog service is different and it is up to you to understand how to edit your blog and add/change coding.

To join our traffic exchange you must be a mom with a blog or website. You must upload a 125 x 125 button ad that is under 28k in file size. Your button/site and blog must be family friendly (no suggestive or provacative pictures or words of; swearing, drugs, liquor, adult themed toys, products. etc.) Account will be removed if we get complaints from other members about the content of your site. We offer the two categories of Blogs by Moms or Websites by Moms to choose from for your button to be rotating on.

Once you are signed up and uploaded your own 125 x 125 button ad, you in turn must put your code on your blog or website. If you are a blogger, you must place the code provided to you in the side bar of your blog, in the upper half of your blog. If you are a website, you must place the code provided on your main page or links page, in the upper half of your page. The url you submit for people to click through to must be the URL where the code will be put. If you have a website you can put this code on as many pages as you like, to earn more credits. You are allowed up to 3 ads to be running. We will suspend accounts that do not have the coding in the right place OR if they did not check to make sure the button exchange is showing up on their site. (this is especially for those using Blogger/Blogspot as it ruins the code, you need to follow the steps on our front page for the proper code to use.

Notes; You are able to track your progress by logging into your account to view impressions, click throughs etc. If you are purchasing impressions, there are no refunds after an order is placed.

You will not see your own ad on your own site. You will see the default ad once all impressions have been used up by everyone. We have a cheating system in place where as if you are refreshing your page over and over the default ad will show as it thinks you are trying to earn more impressions for your account.