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Our traffic exchange offers free traffic to your blog or website. If you are new to a button exchange, the way it works is that everyone who joins submits a 125 x 125 button and their button will be rotating on the other sites who have also joined. You are given a snippet of code after you have joined and uploaded your button that you insert on your site or blog. We are set up for a 3:4 ratio. Meaning that for every 4 impressions of another persons button you show, you earn 3 impressions in the system with your button showing on other sites who are members. Bonus; You earn 500 impressions into your account for joining the exchange. These credits will appear after you send 1000 impressions.

You need to make sure you understand basic internet information and terms. This is a free service and we don't have the time to instruct on how to: 1. make a button or resize a button. 2. copy and paste codes into blogs. Every blog service is different and it is up to you to understand how to edit your blog and add/change coding.

You can join as a user OR an advertiser. If you plan on putting the code on your site to earn impressions for your button to be shown on other sites, then join as a user. If you don't want to put the code up to show rotating buttons to earn impressions, then join as an advertiser and you can purchase impressions. Please do NOT click on items and order items unless you fully understand what you are doing. Ads and sites must be family friendly.

Please follow these instructions in order to be part of the exchange; PLEASE read and follow in full - most problems occur because a user did NOT follow the instructions below.

Note:Your site WILL not be approved until you have uploaded a button ad into your account AND you have the code showing properly on your site or blog.

Bonus: You receive 500 free impressions when you join that you will see in your account after you show 1000 impressions on your site.

You can also purchase more impressions for a small fee. (no refunds after placing an order)

1. Join as a user IF you have a 125 x 125 button ready to upload. If you don't have a button that fits the requirements, please wait until you do to join.
2. Confirm membership via email, which will bring you back to the traffic exchange.
3. Click on the "Wizard for ad size buttons" link.
4. Choose one or both categories.
5. Put in the url of your blog/website.
6. Browse your computer to upload your button. it MUST be 125 x 125 and under 20k. If you try to upload and it doesn't fit those requirements, you'll see an error message at the top of the form once you click save. You can now use animated buttons, if you have a problem with this, please contact us.
7. Fill in the Alt tag. this is the text that goes with your pic. AND shows up in the directory. If you don't put in an alt tag, your site will not show in the public directory. Use the name of your blog, or a short description phrase. The alt tag can only be up to 8 words, it it not to be a lengthy description - just thename of your blog or a short phrase.
8. Click save.
9. Choose one or both categories that fit where you will be placing the code. If you only have a blog choose blog. If you plan to put on both your blog and website, choose both. You will then be brought to the page with the code to copy and paste and put on your site. Per our rules - we will suspend accounts that do not have the coding in the upper half of their page OR if they did not check to make sure the button exchange is showing up on their site. (this is especially for those using Blogger/Blogspot as it ruins the code, you need to follow the steps below for the proper code to use.

Note: If you are on blogger .... OR if you put the code into your page and you cannot see the ads - the editor or site is messing up some of the code... so all you need to do is this;
Keep ONLY the code that starts with < iframe > and ends with < /iframe > this will remove the javascript code that blogger is corrupting.

If you want to see what the code should look like after you insert it into your site/blog - go to and look in the left hand column towards the top.

10. You must place the code properly on your site AND you must upload your 125 x 125 button ad within 4 days of signing up or your account will be deleted. You can always sign up again once you are ready with the specific requirements.