Top Children’s Clothing Trends for 2018

Similar to the primary fashion trends for adults, children to have a range of trends to choose from each season. With may designs and color palettes taking inspiration from key designer looks, there is a host of stylish options for mini fashionistas across the globe. A huge factor in children’s clothing is the functionality aspect, as although it has to look great, it also has to perform to the function of kids everywhere. From playtime to occasionwear, there is a beautiful selection of kids clothing that fits every need. This year’s color selection is also a great way to mix fashion and practicality into their wardrobe and gives them a chance to explore their creativity through style.

Check out some of the top styles for children this summer and scoop up those must-have functional fashion buys for their wardrobe.

Classic and traditional looks

This spring/summer is seeing a return of traditional colors and clothing styles. This nostalgia is bringing back pretty dresses in classic colors of red, yellow and pink plus soft pastel options. These traditional looks are also focusing on the practicality of children’s clothing and offering options of well-made fashion that can be used for everyday wear.

Floral designs

It’s no surprise that floral design is hitting stores as it’s the perfect spring choice, but there is so many options in print and texture to choose from. Romantic detailing is a big hit, as the cute, ditzy designs make their way onto dresses and shirts. Delicate options are also available and create a pretty look on occasionwear items for both daytime and nighttime parties.

Texture and detailing

With the popularity of floral prints, small detailing and a little texture is the perfect complement to this style. Skirts will have some much-needed volume, which is ideal for twirling at parties, plus cute detailing such as soft velvet appliques will add interest to a fantastic design.


This traditional fabric is often associated with the older generation, but it’s making huge waves for tiny tots, as the fabric is cute and super wearable especially for special occasions. Both boy and girls can wear this trend, as there is an abundance of color options depending on their tastes. Corduroy is a great material for trousers, skirts and dresses and is a strong material, which is ideal for active kids.


This trend is making waves across the adult and kids’ clothing world, and it’s not hard to see why. You can get a host of different slogan from cute prints to statement quotes, and the beauty is that they can be tailored to your child’s personality. Both boys and girls can enjoy a range of different slogan tops from sweatshirts to tees, and they are super comfortable for both play and general daywear.

Americana trends

This classic trend is a mix of traditional American color favorites of red, white and blue, mixed with a stylish assortment of fashionable denim. This look can be created with a host of different styles but sticking to the color palette creates a playful and statement style. There are many clothing items that work perfectly on this trend from cute skirts to striped tops and bright white trainers to traditional American style jackets. This trend works perfectly for a fun summer vibe and is a great for a party look.

Designer fashion

With children looking to experiment more with style choices, there is a huge range of affordable designer options to choose from. Classic designer slogans and traditional fashion are making waves around the globe and kids can join their parents on the style train. The stylish range of blouses, denim, jackets and trainers available makes it easy to copy the wear the latest trends for kids that want to be trendsetters. Click here to check out the latest stylish children’s looks.

Cute accessories

No outfit would be complete without some accessories to complement it, so checking out the latest buys is a must. Hats and belts are a popular option for children looking to add a touch of personality to an outfit, and there are tons of options to match to their favorite looks. Caps are also a great way to create a casual style plus during the summer months, and kids are protected against the sun. Other hat styles include wide-brimmed options, which are also ideal for holiday trends.

Prepared for all weathers

No matter time of the year you’re buying children’s clothing, you have to think about every eventuality. Coats and jackets are a great buy at any time of the year and especially during spring and summer, having a weatherproof option is a must. There is a range of options available depending on your child’s tastes and you can choose traditional parka style jackets in traditional colors or raincoat styles in bright and vibrant prints. Coats and jackets are just as important for functionality so choosing waterproof and weatherproof options is perfect for keeping them dry during in rainy spells. If they want something to splash around in puddles, getting some rubber boots is also a great option. This way you don’t have to worry about them getting their feet wet while they play outside.

Spring baby

For tiny tots, spring is the perfect time to refresh their wardrobe. The range of light fabrics and easy to manage outfits are ideal for creating a cute look with the added bonus of practicality. Babies can also enjoy many of the trends similar to older children, as there is plenty of choice of pretty party looks, floral design and urban trend outfits to choose from. There is also a host of accessories and soft shoes to complement each style.

If you’re looking to help your kids explore the latest trends and encourage their personal style, take a look at the variety of trends and designs available in stores for the new season. There’ll be spoilt for choice and can start discovering their own tastes with a little helping hand from the adults.

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