How to Do St. Paul—Family Style

How to Do St. Paul—Family Style

St. Paul is Minnesota’s state capital and home to the state’s government. It’s famous for its fantastic winter carnivals and friendly residents.

Even F. Scott Fitzgerald spent his youth in St. Paul. It was at his parents’ house where he wrote the manuscript, This Side of Paradise. And, traveling with your RV rental from Outdoorsy is the best way to explore St. Paul. Keep reading to learn more.

Saint Paul Farmer’s Market

If you live for fresh produce, home-grown meats and scratch-made bread, then a visit to the Saint Paul Farmer’s Market is sure to be a welcome activity. Connecting with the fruits of the earth is one of the best ways to get a feel for the city, and its products.

The Farmer’s Market has also been around since 1902. Imagine all the people who have strolled through this historic market. You’ll find exceptional regional produce and grass-fed meat. Plus, you might learn a bit more about the food culture in the area. Eating your way through Saint Paul is an excellent travel option.

Take a Riverboat Cruise

Another exciting and family-friendly option in Saint Paul is to cruise on the Padelford Riverboats. These popular cruises have engaged over four million passengers to date. You have the choice between a 1.5-hour tour or a four-hour lunch cruise.

The Riverboats launch from Harriet Island Regional Park in downtown Saint Paul. It is a remarkable way to see the city and landscape. You also get a close-up view of the Mississippi National River and surrounding areas. It really doesn’t get any better than cruising on a Riverboat. You, and your family, can simply take in the ambiance.

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory

If you’re interested in experiencing a bit of Victorian flair, then you should check out the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. It is a beautiful, Victorian-style park which consists of an 18-hole golf course, a zoo, a concert pavilion, a carousel, a small amusement park, a zoo and more.

This is family-approved fun at its finest. Check out Sparky the Seal who performs in several shows each day. The conservatory blooms all year round with various types of flora and fauna. There are also walking and biking paths. There are even paddleboats. And, if that isn’t enough, don’t forget to check out the zoo.

Tour the Alexander Ramsey House

To continue on the Victorian aesthetic, you should visit one of the country’s most well-preserved Victorian houses to date. The Alexander Ramsey house was fully built by 1872. It was also the home of the first governor of Minnesota.

To take a guided tour, all you need to do is make a simple reservation–it will be worth your while. Inside, you’ll see carved walnut woodwork, original furniture, crystal chandeliers and marble fireplaces.

Volunteers, who manage the house, will also happily share knowledge on what life was like in the 1870s. It is a fantastic time capsule that will make you feel like dressing up in period costume.

In conclusion

Saint Paul offers a wealth of history of the Victorian variety, and a great place to learn about the state’s government. If you haven’t visited Saint Paul yet, what are you waiting for?

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