Skills Moms Can Learn from Today’s Librarians

Can you remember a time when you went to the library to check out a book and the librarian directed you to a card catalogue where you would search by author, subject or title if you knew it? Those days are long in the past and maybe even before your parents’ times. Even so, the theory is the same, it’s all about organization and how to put your hands on something quickly.

There are, in fact, a number of skills that librarians use daily that moms could benefit from learning. Whether you ever intend to get a master of information degree from Rutgers Online or are simply looking for tricks to make your family life a little easier, there is much you can learn from a librarian of today in a digital world.

Organizing in a Logical Manner

One of the most important skills you can learn as a mother is to find a way to organize things and keep them that way. For example, pots and pans in the kitchen. Yes, it’s been a long, hard day and by the time you’ve cooked dinner, washed the dishes, bathed the children and put them to bed, you’ve little energy to put things away where they belong so you toss them in cupboards just to keep them out of sight. Bad idea!

Tomorrow night you will be reaching for that sauce pan while the meat is being seared on the stove and by the time you’ve found where you threw it last, the meat is not only seared but scorched beyond recognition. It only takes a few extra moments to put that sauce pan where it belongs and you’ll thank yourself for taking that extra time needed to stay organized when next you need to lay hands on it.

Librarians never shelve books until they can place them where they belong.

Take Advantage of the Digital Age to Speed up Tasks

When you go into a library now, there are computers you can access to find the books you need and if they are not available at your branch, you can see where they are in the county, if they are currently checked out and if necessary reserve them. You can order them to your local branch and within a few days, you’ll have the book or books in hand.

Do you know how much time this saves your librarian? Why not take advantage of what they learned in an online master of information program? Learn which tasks you can speed up by using technology. In this age of the ‘Internet of Things,’ you can program each and every one to be controlled through your smartphone. Now, you don’t need to keep track of half a dozen (or more) remote controllers, if you could only remember where you put your phone!

Librarians take advantage of the digital age to control where and how information is stored, thereby speeding up processes making them more efficient.

What is Your Takeaway Here?

What you should be getting from all this is that organization is the key to making more time available to you. Take the extra few moments needed to put things away where they belong and then you’ll know how to ‘call them up’ as needed. Use your smartphone to replace half a dozen other bits of technology and keep as many digital records as possible, from vaccination and doctor appointments to grocery lists. It’s much easier to call up a note on your smartphone than it is to find that piece of paper you’ve jotted a note on.

Librarians know the benefits of technology and use it to make life in the library easier than ever before. Learn to use technology and you’ll bless the day you learned just how easy life as a mom can be.

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