Shop Online for the Absolute Best in Women’s Plus Size Swimwear Deals

Every woman has known the struggle of trying to buy swimsuits that fit, but not every woman knows the particular frustration and embarrassment of looking for trendy new swimdresses made in plus sizes. You’ll hear the same story countless times — she scours the racks for something both appealing and made for her body, and leaves with next to nothing to show for the time wasted in the dressing room except a serious case of fitting room anxiety. The problem is that most retailers don’t see plus sizes as worth producing, leaving the market untapped in favor of unfair body shaming attitudes.

Fortunately, plus size and body positivity advocates like Ashley Graham and Tess Holliday are pushing for changes in the industry. Gorgeously modeling lingerie and swimwear, they inspire women of all sizes to do the same. As Ashley herselfsays, “Stand up for curves, confidence is sexy”. But the problem still remains of finding something to wear.

women in plus sized swim suite
Plus Sized Swim Suits for Women

Physical shopping won’t ever stop being a hassle (for everyone). Online shopping is where it’s at now. Both regular retailers have started hosting online catalogs, and several online-exclusive stores have stepped up to the plate, filling every niche and providing what can’t be found in person. No more having to throw money on gasoline down the drain to hit the mall, or trying on item after item in vain because the exact measurements aren’t printed on the tag. Ask any swimwear expert and they will tell you that the best deals for womens plus size swimwear is online and that the selection in plus size tankinis, skirtinis, and bikinis is equally hard to beat. Even points out that online swimwear retailers have “lower overhead” and excel at offering competitive prices for swimwear. In 2014 over 75% of teen and adult shoppers bought something online.

This is where online retailers like swimsuitsforall come in — they can cater exclusively to plus size women and offer the best selection at the best price because of how specialized they have made their inventory. No more falling back on boring, uninspired designs, or swimdresses that were clearly made for a skinny woman and sized up without taking into account the kinds of shapes that actually flatter a plus size body. Certain design features like geometric patterning, flared fit tops, and heart-necklines and scoop-necks all do wonders on a bigger body, along with invisible features like built-in underwire support and tummy-smoothing mesh fabrics. These carefully thought out design choices are hard to find in physical retail selections.

Not only that, but women can shop year-round online just in case a sudden surprise vacation opportunity should arise. If a woman suddenly needs a fashionable swimdress in winter for a vacation to the Caribbean, she’s in luck. Overall, finding trendy new swimwear for a plus size shopper isn’t just easier online – it’s smarter, too.



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