SCOTTIES – Great Product for a Great Cause

Scotties TissueSo many companies these days are attempting to be more “green” which is wonderful. Any way that companies can forward the movement and be more environmentally responsible in the way products are made, is a win-win situation. SCOTTIES, owned by the Irving family of Companies, has created a new line of its “Softest Ever” tissues. By combining quality and sustainability at a great value, this allows SCOTTIES to reach a majority of consumers desiring to use green product options. Studies show that 76% of consumers want to do something for the environment but aren’t willing to sacrifice quality or pay more to do so (Mintel 2008)

There are several facts about SCOTTIES that consumers may not realize, which in turn has us giving them 2 thumbs up in their attempt at being a “green friendly” company:

* Committed to urban tree planting and has created SCOTTIES Releaf U.S.A. (Urban Sustainability for America) Urban Tree Planting Program with American Forests
* SCOTTIES Tree Planting Promise is found on every box “We Plant THREE trees for every ONE we use to produce SCOTTIES products” An alternative to recycled tissue while delivering a solid sustainable, eco-friendly position
*Over 800 million trees planted through 50 years of award-winning responsible forest management from JD Irving, Ltd., The Tree Growing Company

And finally – make sure you become a fan of SCOTTIES on Facebook. They will donate $1.00 to Scotties Releaf USA for every new fan gained on the SCOTTIES Fan Page at during the month of April. You can help a great cause by a simple click of your mouse.

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