Prevent Child Abuse – Pinwheels for Prevention

Prevent Child Abuse - Pinwheels for PreventionPrioritize Prevention Right from the Start

Healthy child development is a foundation for community development and economic development. Conversely, extreme and sustained stressful environments for children, also known as “toxic stress,” damages the developing brain and can adversely affect an individual’s learning, behavior and health. Given these facts, it makes sense to “get it right early” when it is more beneficial to society than trying to “fix it later.” This is why Prevent Child Abuse America promotes healthy child development and the prevention of child abuse right from the start.

Therefore, to further ensure we, as a nation, prioritize child abuse and neglect prevention, Prevent Child Abuse America has launched Pinwheels for PreventionTM, a campaign introducing the pinwheel as a symbol for child abuse and neglect prevention nationwide. Through this effort, Prevent Child Abuse America seeks to change the way our nation thinks about prevention, focusing on community activities and public policies that emphasize prevention to make sure child abuse and neglect never occur.

Heeding that call, in partnership with Prevent Child Abuse America’s 47-state chapter network, nearly one million pinwheels have been distributed since April 2008. Planted as “pinwheel gardens” converting parks and state capital lawns into fields of blue and silver, sold at fundraisers or popping up on college campuses nationwide, the pinwheels are creating memorable images that convey the message that child abuse and neglect can be prevented.

Individuals, organizations and corporations alike are invited to get involved by taking one of the campaign’s four calls-to-action: Learn more about child abuse prevention. Lend your voice to bring about change for children in the U.S. Volunteer your time and talent. Donate.

To make an impact at the national level or with the Prevent Child Abuse America chapter in your state, visit Join us in preventing the abuse and neglect of our nation’s children.

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