Payday Cash Loans – Why You Should Use Only Direct Lender Offers Near You

When you need cash fast for an emergency, the first place that many people turn to for a cash loan is the local loan store, or a payday lender, but that is quite possibly the worst thing that you could do. Here’s why you should only use direct lenders for your payday cash loan needs.
Payday cash loans, or pay check loans, often get a bad press, because of the way that some lenders deal with their customers. The hard sell, the aggressive collection techniques, and the extortionate interest rates of some lenders can all add up to a pretty bad experience for many people who have had the need to obtain a cash loan near me. There is, however, an alternative source of payday cash loans that many people aren’t aware of, which is the direct lenders.
Direct lenders that provide payday cash loans don’t advertise heavily like the big payday lenders do and they don’t have expensive stores to maintain. The easiest way to find a direct lender is online, via a free to use, loan matching website.
Direct lenders have all the advantages of a payday lender, without all the drawbacks and pitfalls. Here are the main reasons why a direct lender is a much better source of a payday cash loan than a loan store or a payday lender.
Lower Cost
The cost of short-term loans from direct lenders is usually a great deal lower than you would have to pay a payday loan company. When you borrow from a payday loan company, you can expect to pay a finance charge of somewhere in the region of $10 to $30 for every $100 that you borrow. You will then also be charged interest that could represent an APR of as much as 400%. Depending on your personal circumstances; direct lenders will nearly always charge much lower fees and interest than a payday lender.
Hassle Free
Applying for a cash advance from short term loan companies near me is also very easy. You just need to complete a simple online form with a few basic details about yourself and then the system does the rest. Everything is done online, so you never need to visit a store and face the embarrassment of standing in line. Approval of a loan will usually only take a few minutes and then, once you have reviewed and agreed to the terms of the loan, your money will be wired directly into your checking account and that usually happens the next business day.
Speed and choice
The other big advantage of using a direct lender loan matching service is that you get a far greater choice of lenders to choose from. When you complete the online form, the system matches your details to a large network of lenders. When a lender match is found for you, you are redirected to the lender’s web site where you will be presented with the terms and conditions of your loan, which you can review before you accept the agreement. It is many times faster than trying to locate lenders and making separate applications to lots of different lenders.
Obtaining a short-term loan from a direct lender is fast, discrete and hassle free. They will even consider applications from people who have a poor credit history. It’s also a lot, lot cheaper than obtaining a payday cash loan from a payday lender.

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