New to Knitting? Ease In with These Tips for Beginners

Knitting Tips for Beginners

man with knitted scarfThe craft of knitting can be an entertaining and engrossing way to spend your free time. Many people find purpose in making toques, scarves, and sweaters to keep their loved ones snug throughout the winter. Others knit as a designer would, experimenting with patterns and different garments to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Whatever route you choose, take care to not jump in too fast. There are thousands of knitting projects out there and they can be overwhelming for a beginner to parse through. The more you practice, the better you’ll get at working with your hands. It’s only once your dexterity improves that more complex projects can enter the picture. Until then, stick with these suggestions to dip your toes in the water and find your comfort zone.


When you’re just starting out, there’s no problem with keeping things nice and simple. A striped pattern, whether vertical or horizonal, is about as straightforward as it gets. You won’t have to work in more than a couple directions and can stick to knit stiches all the way through.

You can find inspiration online from crafting communities around the world. Just make sure the sites are reputable, welcoming, and offer knitting patterns for everyone regardless of their skillset.

Splash of Color

Since you’re learning, it can be helpful to gravitate toward projects where you can practice basic skills. Ideally, you’d be focusing on one or two types of stitches like garter or purl over an extended period of time. This is your chance to add a little pop to your home with a splash of color.

  • Add a blanket or a set of cushion covers to create a sense of contrast on your couch.
  • Liven up the living room with custom curtains.
  • You could even make a blanket to keep your little one comfy this Christmas.


A chevron pattern is made up of parallel lines that zig and zag across a surface. It’s great for beginners because it’s a classic look they can pull off without pulling out their hair. It’s also a unique way to be playful and give your crafts some geometric flair.

A quick suggestion to get you started: if you form your lines with light colours, they’ll seem to almost blend in together. This subtle and sophisticated look will make you the talk of the town.

Before you begin, pick out a space that relaxes you, one where you can find your rhythm without being interrupted. Learning a craft requires loads of patience and your surroundings should foster it wherever possible. Adjust the light to your liking. Maybe play some light music to tap your feet to. Anything you need to settle down and enjoy the process.

Picking up a new skill is a noble pursuit that can seem scary without the proper mindset. The key is to let yourself make mistakes and fail forward; that way, the unknown goes from a source of fear to one of excitement. After reading these tips, you’re well on your way to becoming a yarn master who can add a touch of class to any project.

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