Money Saving Tricks For All Moms

Money Saving Tricks for Moms

When your friends say that having kids will be expensive, they are not just talking about the expenses in preparing a baby or paying the hospital bills. Having a kid is accost that will continuously grow as the child also grows old. Being a parent is such as blessing but it is a no-back-out situation since according to a recent study, parents with a new kid will have to spend almost $15,000 each year until they reach 18 years old.

However, no one has said that being a parent should just be a statistic. Being a thrifty mom is the newest trend because of quickly escalating market prices. Here are some money saving tricks for all mothers:

Second Hands

Second hand shops are a good place to find baby needs. You should visit a nearby shop every now and then because you might get lucky and find some rare stuff. You can find drawers, cribs, shoes for babies and even Buttinette vouchers. Never spend thousands of dollars on store brands. Instead, buy at consignment shops where you will spend only a few dollars and get original and durable equipment. So, look for the nearest consignment shop near you. Though you may have to look for the items you like for a while, all the treasures you’ll find there will be worth it.

Coupons Galore

You probably heard of the latest craze about moms clipping hundreds of coupons. Using coupons has helped moms save hundreds of dollars on all the things a baby needs. There are a lot of coupons out there including detergents, pacifiers and even Nelly coupon codes for you and your babies’ outfits. Being a thrifty mom takes a lot of dedication but once you get used to it, saving becomes second nature. For coupon codes and discount codes, you can try coupon clipping methods, joining a mailing list and constantly checking your email.

Make Your Own

During the first months of your baby, you will probably notice that you will need tons of baby wipes and it will feel like you are also wiping away your money. In order to save on your funds, you can opt to make your own wipes by using cotton and essential oils. There are also do-it-yourself tutorials online in making baby essentials. For example, during birthdays, instead of having to order cakes and goodies online, you can watch easy-to-make cake tutorials in YouTube to avoid extra expenses.

Cloth Diapers

There has been a lifelong debate on the use of cloth diapers. In truth, using cloth diapers will save you tons of money every year and will help in protecting the planet we’re living in. According to a study from Forbes, parents who prefer to use cloth diapers can save $400 to $700 per year.


When choosing for a crib for your baby or toddler, go for the convertible ones. Convertibles may be more expensive up front but convertibles will carry your child from infancy even until the 4th grade. This means saving a lot of money! Convertibles can also become gorgeous furniture. Today, convertibles are transformed to day beds, toddler beds with rail and even a fully functioning kid’s bed.


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