StudyPug Review – Math and Science Tutoring Help for Your Child

Math and Science Tutoring Help Online – StudyPug is a global study aide for students all over the world who need help with math and science.

Let’s be honest. Not too many students, no matter what age, fully understand the concepts of mathematics without a little extra studying or help. It can be challenging as a parent if you yourself don’t fully grasp or remember what you were taught growing up, to then attempt to help your child when they come to you for help. Have you found yourself looking through their lessons or homework in frustration, and then attempting to seek help through random websites or YouTube videos?  That in itself can increase your frustration! This is where better math help comes to your rescue with StudyPug!

StudyPug was created to be your child’s assistant away from the classroom in offering detailed lesson help through video instruction and practice lessons. Math and science tutoring has never been easier to recieve. They cover every type of math that your child will most likely encounter throughout their years from Math 6 to the math courses they would take in college along with AP math course.  An added bonus is they also include help with the sciences such as physics, chemistry, and organic chemistry.  Just look at the screen shot below to see all the course options:

Math and science tutoring help at
Course help offered at

From a personal standpoint, I’m so thankful that my daughter, who is in high school currently taking honors physics and pre-calculus, has a place to get that extra help when needed. She can dive in and choose a topic concept she may be struggling with or need additional clarification. The videos are concise and to the point. After the video she can practice the concepts in the written problems offered. Below is a list of the phyics options that are made available to her. Recently she needed some extra help and often had gone to her brother, who is entering Med School this fall, for understanding the concepts when they hadn’t been explained well in class. With him not being available, this was the perfect timing for her to utilize the physics area for circular motion. It was a great addition to her in school lesson and offered her the chance to stop, rewatch and apply.

Math and Science tutoring help for physics
Physics Topics at

I also used StudyPug for myself as a review in statistics, as I returned to college this year and statistics was my first course. I wish I would have known about StudyPug when I was taking this course. For me, it’s a great resource to keep on hand in my current studies as research study statistics are often mentioned.

If you have a child that needs some extra help at times in understanding math, StudyPug is your answer. When compared with the pricing of a math tutor that can be $35-$50 per hour, StudyPug is such a great resource for as low as $9.92 per month!  What are you waiting for? Start your free 7 day trial with Study Pug today and give your child that extra help they need to achieve the success they desire.

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