List on Emma, the friendly marketplace for moms, for a Chance to Win a $700 Gift Card.

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When you’re seeking a nanny, selling used children’s toys or trying to find an instructor, do you have a moment of hesitation before posting? Frankly, it is hard to know who you are talking to and who may be showing up on your doorstep. As moms, we have enough things to worry about and safety shouldn’t be one of them.

With Emma, the friendly marketplace, it has never been easier to be informed about the person with whom you are dealing. Unlike Craigslist, with Emma, you can meet face to face before you actually meet face to face. Because Emma leverages the social power of Facebook, you can now feel more secure in your transactions because you know the person you are dealing with. You see, you can create a private marketplace with just your friends, or their friends or expand it as far as you like. And, you can control how much you want to reveal about yourself. Not only that, but your listing has the potential to spread like wildfire so your transaction moves quickly.

See what Emma is all about! Post a listing to find a childcare provider, to sell merchandise, to find a playgroup or for anything else and you can win big! Visit, quickly post a listing, and you will be entered to win a $700 gift card. It takes less than a minute.

You are likely to feel much more secure when swapping kids stuff, finding a play date or simply selling an item. Get started today!

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