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Kenmore 41302 Review

Moms are always conscious of their monthly expenditure. As such, most of them tend to overlook washing machines like the Kenmore 41302 despite having a host of family-friendly features. Steam cleaning is among its best features, though it’s not a must have for some people. Nevertheless, the washer is great for removing tough stains.

Other convenient features that come with this washing machine include:

Smart Motion Technology

The Kenmore 41302 front load washer comes with a direct drive motor that’s capable of delivering up to six different motions. That includes stepping, tumbling, swinging, scrubbing and saturating. The motor uses these motions depending on the washing cycle you select, ensuring your clothes are perfectly clean.

Kenmore has chosen this feature as their highest level of personalized cleaning and care that one needs. The drum works just the way you choose, ensuring your garments remain clean and undamaged.

Steam Treatment for Tough Stains

This front load washer uses steam in the best way possible. Steam has proven its effectiveness in fighting stains in a very effective way. As soon as you start washing, steam gets inside the fabrics and loosens the stains without damaging the fabrics.

The most interesting part about the feature is that there’s no need to spend more time or money pre-treating the stains. With steam, no mark is challenging enough to resist. That’s particularly useful to moms with young kids, which is why the washer comes with a dedicated cycle for children’s wear.

Sanitize Cycle

If you often deal with dirty items that need washing, this cycle is perfect for you. Such items may include clothes that your kids have worn outside, sleeping bags or stuffed animals. The washing machine comes with an internal water heater, eliminating any germs or bacteria by turning up the heat. Moreover, it ensures that the fabric of the item doesn’t get damaged by the washer, with an NSF certificate confirming its efficiency in the process.

Wash Selection Protection

This Kenmore washer has a wide range of wash cycles, temperatures, soil levels and spin speeds available. However, Kenmore has made sure you can’t use some combinations, protecting your garments from damage. As such, it will sound a chime and fail to switch on the LED light if your selection isn’t allowed.

If you haven’t figured out how to set the right combination manually, the washer will adjust the wash time automatically. However, it has to consider several factors, including water pressure, water heating time and the amount of laundry in your drum.

What We Like About the Kenmore 41302

  • Decent energy efficiency
  • A vast array of wash cycles
  • Steam cleaning for removing stubborn stains
  • Capable of cleaning a full tank with less than 30 minutes

What We Dislike

  • The rubber hoses aren’t that durable
  • Its big drum make small laundry loads impractical


The Kenmore 41302 washing machine is a versatile appliance that’s capable of serving a large family’s laundry requirements for years. It cleans a huge load within a very short time, while also treating stubborn stains using its steam cycle. It also easy to use even for beginners, and it has a decent energy efficiency level.

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