How to clear up and clear off unwanted discs

The more entertainment technology moves on towards digital downloads, the more our old discs are left behind to clog up closets, obstruct those shelves, and clutter our cabinets. It’s time to take back our homes and clear out all of those redundant discs which are collecting dust and taking up valuable storage space, particularly in the kid’s bedrooms. They will more than likely have many films and games they’ve grown out of and no longer want.

Clearing out this disc collection will not only free up more space, but also teach your kids the vital importance of every so often clearing out anything they no longer want or need, promoting objective new skills and happiness without the need of so much stuff. But don’t just send these discs to the rubbish dump, there are plenty of other more fun and environmentally friendly ways to dispose of them!

Crafty things:

Very soon it’s likely that most kids won’t even know what a CD is! Until that day, old CDs can cause hours of creative fun and make great decorative items, anything from dreamcatchers, photo frames and spinning tops, developing their dexterous skills and hand-eye coordination. All you need are some craft materials, imagination, and Pinterest for some great inspiration!

Charity begins at home:

Teaching your kids the importance of letting things go through generosity and compassion are vital qualities which help them become empathetic and caring individuals. Helping them donate unwanted DVDs, and any other items they no longer want, will benefit them and a good cause.

Also, let your kid take a big pile of old Xbox, Wii or PlayStation games to give away or trade with their friends, who may not be as lucky as them, promoting positive consideration and giving principles.

A little bird told me:
Caring for and looking after your kids is a joy, but an expensive joy nonetheless. We’d all like to make a bit of extra cash so we can ensure that they are never hungry or miss out on exciting days out, giving them the best upbringing possible.

Earning some of this much needed cash couldn’t be easier. Say hello to MusicMagpie. You can sell old games, CDs and DVDs in exchange for hassle free cash, so you can all enjoy those fun days out for all the family. Just scan the disc case barcodes with your mobile or webcam, ship them off for free, await your check in the post, and you’re away!

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