Fun Gift for Tween Girls!

miamy11.jpgMy daughter turned 9 this summer and it seems the older she gets, the harder it is to find a unique, fun and different gift. Well – we found one! Something that none of her other friends had yet, and something that everyone at her party enjoyed.

It is the Mia My friendship jacket, a jacket that not only is very “hip” and “cool” (these are my daughter’s words) in its style, but a jacket that ended up being a fun activity for all the girls to get involved with. It was like having another party game to add to the activities. All the girls were able to use the enclosed special markers to write messages to my daughter and create pictures and designs to make a one and only type jacket. The great thing is, we can toss this in the wash and all those writings will disappear so she can create another unique design. My daughter LOVED this and is excited to be able to redesign her jacket over and over again.

A wonderful and fun gift idea! As my 9 year old would say… “It rocks!”

From Mia My: There’s a fun new fashionable twist on the friendship bracelet that’s all the rave at girls birthday parties. Mia My is a one-of-a-kind friendship jacket that allows girls to show off their unique personality and their best friends. It’s the perfect gift for young girls and is sure to be a huge hit at any birthday party.

miamy2sm1.jpgThe stylist white blazer comes with four yummy scented colorful markers for the girl’s B.F.F.s to sign their chic jacket. And if they want to restyle their Mia My jacket, just toss it in the wash and the ink is gone! It makes for the ultimate gift for any teen or tween girl and is sure to make for a fun activity at any birthday party.

The Mia My friendship jacket also allows you to add girlie iron-on patches to make your jacket your very own. It’s a super cute way for a teen or tween girl to show off their close friendship and fun fashion sense.

Visit for more information and to order your own jacket.

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    Wow! This kind of jacket is really great to ages ranging from 5-10 years old. Simply because the are fun of doing a lot of activities like playing, writing any they want. It is really recommended also because you can easily remove the writings or drawings and create a new one again after washing.

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