Essential Tips on Staying Fit Once a Parent

Having a baby changes your life massively, and although having a baby is considered a joy for couples, it can be stressful. You’ll hear mothers complain about baby brain which is caused by sleepless nights, and after giving birth, many mothers find it hard even to acknowledge the thought of fighting off that pregnancy weight. If a mother gets a free minute, they do not want to think about putting on their running shoes or picking up a medicine ball; all they wish to do is relax, sleep and have peace of mind.

However, there are many easy and achievable ways for a mother to get back into shape once giving birth. You can even rope in the father if they too are suffering from a poor exercise routine or diet plan. Who says you can’t be fit once becoming a parent?

Spring Clean the Cupboards

Being pregnant means unbelievable, persistent cravings. Sometimes women will crave fruit and vegetables, whereas others need chocolate, cake or other unhealthy foods. This is understandable, yet once the baby has arrived, it is time to clean out the cupboards and replace ‘bad’ foods with fresh produce.

A good, balanced diet is a must for staying in shape. You can work out all you want, but if you eat foods high in sugar, saturates or carbs, then the pounds will continue to stick. Therefore, replace normal pizza with a homemade, cauliflower base alternative, or serve up pancakes made from three ingredients. There are many healthier alternative to the foods you know and love, meaning a change in diet does not have to be a complete shock to the system.

A great workout routine is the Venus Factor. Pros and cons of the Venus Factor diet include the pros of a decent diet and exercise plan which helps to enhance the feminine body shape, which does not require special pills or costly prepackaged meals, while the cons are that the Venus Factor diet is limited to females and requires unusual exercises that may not be effective for beginners. It is also a fully-immersive program which alters the way you eat and workout so you can reach an ideal body shape over a large period of time.

Workout with Your Baby

Finding a spare moment is a parent’s hardest job, and when you’ve found someone to watch the kids, you may want to lie on the sofa instead of running around the block or venturing to the gym. Therefore, if you wish to relax once the baby is being looked after by a nanny or your grandparents’, workout when you have the baby.

Exercise ideas include: finding other mothers and asking if they want to go out running with their pushchairs, and if not, going it alone. Also, once your baby is able to hold up its own head, you can perform exercise techniques which incorporate your baby such as placing a yoga mat inside or outside your house, and doing ‘front-carrier squats,’ ‘high-chair lunges,’ and ‘alphabet abs.’

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