Choosing the Best Double Buggy for You

double buggy
Double Buggy

If your family has recently expanded to include a new baby while you still have a small child, you’ll find yourself in need of a double buggy. Rather than having two separate buggies needing to be pushed by two people, you can take your two children out by yourself in a convenient double-sized stroller.

Choosing the right style for you can be tough – there’s so many on the market, and you want to be sure you’re getting the highest quality and most comfortable buggy for your money to keep your children snug and safe. It also needs to be durable enough to be used for as long as both your children need a buggy. Here are some ways you can ensure you’re choosing the right double stroller for your family.

Check the Double Buggy Reviews

Research the feedback on products online, consult a mom forum, or find a specialized double buggy review website like this one – All these methods will give you a better idea of what products other people have loved and hated, and many have star or out-of-ten ratings, so you can easily compare styles. Look on Amazon for an easy guide, with star ratings, detailed descriptions and user comments for each product.

Consider What Kind of Buggy You Need

Want to join a mom jogging group? There’s a buggy for that! Choose a double jogging stroller so you can take your babies out while you exercise. They’re designed for a comfortable and secure fitted seat for your children, so they won’t bump and bounce around while you run. This is a great way to meet other moms and let your kids play together while you socialize.

Then there is the issue of how old your children are: if they are twins, a side-by-side style is best, as they will both need as much space as the other. If your children are different ages, you can get ‘double decker’ styles which have separate spaces for small babies and bigger toddlers. Babies grow fast, so choose a kind with reclining seats and expanding sections to accommodate your children as they get older.

Functionality or Style?

If you want a sophisticated style buggy that isn’t just a run-of-the-mill padded black kind, there’s a whole host of options for you. British luxury pushchair company Silver Cross are favored by the rich and famous, and have many beautiful vintage-style buggies that come in double sizes.

If you wanted a more stand-out color, there are endless pattern and print options to make you and your family stand out from the crowd at your play dates. Many clothing designers do collaborations on strollers and other childcare accessories for stylish yummy mommies.

Functionality-wise, with two children comes a whole lot more luggage! Your buggy needs to have adequate storage space and compartments for your extra bags and items. Check out which buggies have large storage spaces, as you’ll need to fit double the amount of diapers in there now. There are even strollers which have specialized pockets for your shopping bags, so you don’t need to worry about having to carry large grocery bags while pushing your stroller.


For busy moms always on-the-go, multi-functional buggies with removable seats are a great option. The seats can be removed and transformed into car seats or sleeping baskets, meaning you don’t have to buy them separate.

Take the seats out of the buggy and fasten them in your car quickly and efficiently, so you can fold up and store the buggy’s frame in your boot. Your children will be safe and secure when riding in the car without purchasing brand new car seats.

As well as this, you won’t need to cart around a sleeping basket as well as a double buggy for when you go to visit family and friends – just disassemble the buggy and your baby has a ready-made sleeping space. Pushchair brand Ickle Bubba has loads of multi-functional styles like this to choose from.

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