Celebrate A Wonderful Year By Creating A Family Yearbook

Celebrate A Wonderful Year By Creating A Family Yearbook

The year is coming to a close, so why not take some time to look back at all of the photos that you took over the past twelve months. You can celebrate all of the incredible moments you experienced throughout the year by creating a fantastic family yearbook.

year in the life family yearbook
Year in the Life Yearbook

Making a yearbook is a fun project that the entire family can get involved with—ask each family member to select their favourite photos and moments throughout the past year so that everyone can contribute something to the book. Yearbooks also have sections for text descriptions and comments, so you can divide the page write-ups between each member of the family.

Before your family agrees on all of the photos and the text descriptions, you will need to figure out how to put the yearbook together. The best tool to create a family yearbook is the website photoroost, which can help you arrange your photos with user-friendly software and create a sleek and professional book for you. You can use the website to organize the photos through fun and creative templates — go to https://photoroost.com/ to see all of the design options available, so that your family can customize the book to their liking.

If you need some inspiration for starting your project, here are some special occasions and celebrations that are popular themes for yearbooks.

  1. Holidays

You probably havegreat family pictures taken during holidays like Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day or Canada Day. You can dedicate an entire section for each holiday — for instance, you can fill a whole page with Halloween photos where your children are dressed in their costumes, carving pumpkins and trick or treating.

  1. Birthdays

Photos of birthdays are perfect for your yearbook selectionand depending on how big the family is, you may have to collect quite a few birthday photos. For an interesting design, you can do a now and then section by putting a photo of someone’s most recent birthday party beside their first birthday photo—this will show just how much each member of the family has grown.

  1. Vacation
family on vacation
Family Enjoying a Vacation Campfire

You can include photos of a family vacation to a different country, a weekendat a cottage, a long road trip or even a day at the beach. Whether the vacation was a big change in scenery or just a little break from routine, the experience is still significant enough to get a space in the yearbook.

  1. School Time

The photos that you share about school will fully depend on the age of your children — for young kids, you will want to have their first day of school photo and for teenagers, you will want to capture moments like school dances, awards and graduation.

Celebrate yet another memorable year by finding your favourite photos and putting them in a family yearbook. This way you can treasure the year’s best and brightest moments, and flip through the book whenever you feel like reminiscing.

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