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Five Activities to Keep Kids Busy So You Can Work on Your Studies

As a mom, there’s no doubt that you’re juggling many hats at once. Looking after the kids is pretty much a full-time job in itself, never mind holding down a job, keeping the house running smoothly, and any other interests and responsibilities you have. If you’re a mom who has recently decided to enroll in read more »

How to Balance Family Life, Work and Nursing School

Going back to school while you’re working is hard, but it is even more difficult when you have family obligations to attend to as well. However, it is possible to return to school while working as a nurse and raising a family. Here are a few tips on how to balance family life, work, and read more »

7 Ways to Bring Your Family Closer Together

How to Bring Your Family Closer Together According to the American Psychological Association, approximately 40 to 50 percent of married couples divorce. Even if you are able to get out of a toxic marriage, divorce will have a negative effect on kids since it often happens during their formative years. You don’t want that to read more »

3 Tips for Nailing Your Family’s Summer Vacation Plans This Year

Family’s Summer Vacation Plans Does it feel like you just packed away your holiday decorations, yet other parents are already talking about summer plans? They may be on to something. Planning ahead gives you more time to plot out ways to keep your kids occupied and having fun during those long summer months. And if read more »

Four Reasons Why the Kids Will Love Traveling Wyoming in an RV

When it’s time to go on vacation with the kids, many families board a plane and head south. Spending time staying in hotels and going to the beach and theme parks can be a lot of fun, but it isn’t your only option for a family vacation. As a matter of fact, your kids are read more »

How to Help Your Children Understand When Your Work is Stressful

When Your Work is Stressful – How to Help Your Children Understand Stress at work is nothing new, but some situations take the cake. Your company undergoing a massive scandal due to an employee’s embezzling scheme, for instance, can put everyone on edge. No one likes to be at the scrutiny of the law (or read more »

5 Activities You Should Try if You Enjoy Problem-Solving

Problem-solving is a skill that is useful to have as it can be applied in your everyday life. Whether you need to resolve a challenging issue in the workplace, resolve the family feuds at home, or figure out how to get your child’s favorite figurine out of the sink pipe, it is definitely a skill read more »

Celebrate A Wonderful Year By Creating A Family Yearbook

Celebrate A Wonderful Year By Creating A Family Yearbook The year is coming to a close, so why not take some time to look back at all of the photos that you took over the past twelve months. You can celebrate all of the incredible moments you experienced throughout the year by creating a fantastic read more »