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David De Bacco, is a writer in Los Angeles who likes to share his view of the world through word, photographs and food. Music and food have the power to take us back to a very specific memory in our lives. This blog is a place to share and post some of your Mamaís favorite recipes. Tells us about it and make sure to include a recipe from your own legacy. Please send me your submissions. In order to support myself as a writer, I have worked in restaurants. The more I tried to get out of the hospitality industry, the deeper and more successful I became in it. Iíve been fortunate to work for some of the worlds most famous chefs, so along the way Iíve become quite savvy about food and wine. Although it may be great eating four-star gourmet food every day, thereís nothing quite like the food prepared in your own Mamaís kitchen.
David De Bacco
Sunday, November-22-2009
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