Hunting, Fishing and Other Grounds For Divorce
Ongoing confessions, rants,
Irreconcilable difference are inevitable. So how does a couple manage to tame a family, survive the perils of the wild Alaska outdoors, conquer the hazards of the vast indoors, navigate their way through mandatory holidays and midlife? Sheer pig headed stubbornness helps. A dash of rant and an occasional snot producing cry helps, but a sense of humor is one of the best survival tools. Really, Norman Vaughn has nothing on a wo-mom who can scale the summit of two weeks of fishing laundry without the use of an oxygen mask. Not your typical run of the mill “I almost got eaten by a bear” tale, although the concept of, “Till death due us part” is seriously contemplated.
Jacki Michels
Saturday, March-21-2009
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