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Inspiring Young Moms is geared towards being a resource for young moms in Maryland. I hope this blog inspires, motivates, builds dreams, gives hope, strengthens beliefs, and helps young moms imagine and create the best life for them and their child. Inspiring Young Moms will discuss and cover the following topics: *Resources for most of the services that young moms need in Maryland. *Activities in MD, VA, and PA for you to do with the kids. *Reviews on products, books, services- to help you make an informed buying decision. *Budgeting/Saving Money shows you how to set up a budget, how to shop, save money, and anything dealing with your finances. *Career/Education shows you how to write a resume, gives helpful job hunting tips, and helps you with your education and where to go for funding. *Health and Wellness will have information on everything related to your health and wellness, as well as for your children. *Interviews and Guest Posts from experts and other young moms on topics that you need most: nutrition, exercise, parenting, money, and more.. *Love and Relationships will have information on dating, healthy relationships, domestic violence, marriage, divorce, and more…
Jacqueline Morris
Monday, September-10-2012
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