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The Inevitable Unraveling Of My Sanity
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SummaryMy Life As A Mom Of Six
DescriptionI am a mom of six kids. I probably started to lose it with my first child but it didn't REALLY become noticeable until the fourth. By the sixth kid, well...the title of my blog explains it all. In any case, now I choose to laugh. Laugh at the fact that every single time I clean my bathroom someone has some sort of poo disaster within 5 minutes, laugh when my daughter knows all the words to totally age inappropriate songs, and hard as it is, laugh at the times (plural) that I have experienced the not quite so much thrill of being thrown up on. This is my life, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
List DateWednesday, December-02-2009
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CategoryFamily Life
Mom Bloggers in Canada
Submitted Byb_to_the_cool
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