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aimeeng (by Oh Calamity Customs)
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SummarySupport, services, and products for small businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and work-at-homies!
DescriptionMommee, blogger, writer, artist. My blog is a place to find B2B and B2C supMommeeport, services, and products. I love printables (making and collecting). Not a fan of webinars, videos, captchas, or television. (Unless it's a tutorial or how-to or documentary) I currently live on Florida's Sun Coast. When I'm not blogging: I love A.F.I., Blaqk Audio, Xtremst, The Smiths, & Morrissey. I'm looking forward to making new friends. I'm all about networking and I enjoy supporting and promoting small and indie businesses, artists, and work-at-homies.
ContactAimee Wainman
List DateSunday, January-04-2015
Total Clicks6,936
CategoryWork at Home
Mom Bloggers by State > Florida
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