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SummaryAn Alaskan Mom- Living Out Loud
DescriptionLiving, working and playing in the Interior of Alaska and documenting the hilarious mishaps, adventures and landmarks that come with raising an independent ten year old.
ContactTi Conkle
List DateTuesday, July-28-2009
Total Clicks8,326
CategoryMom Bloggers by State > Alaska
Diet, Health and Fitness
Beyond Motherhood
Submitted ByTitanium
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Avg. Members Rating: 5

Snowflake (date Aug-21-2009)
Laugh til your sides hurt
:clap: Kind of like looking over the fence, because Titanium is out there doing all the things I'd like to be doing. Girl rocks! And her writing is excellent. Keep it up!
Rating 5
Titanium (date Aug-03-2009)
Sarcasm, Humor and Espresso
Dangling from the lip of an overhanging crevasse on a glacier in the Alaska Range, Ti kicked in her crampon front-points, sat back in her climbing harness and peered down into the yawning crack below... What on earth? Clearly other humans had left their mark. A large bag of doo-doo graced a nearby ledge. Obviously hurled into the crevasse by some misguided soul who thought that no one else would notice their attempt at "leaving no trace". All this and more... from a mountain-climbing Mama... all the way from Fairbanks, Alaska.
Rating 5
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