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Earth Zizu
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SummaryA free-spirit pregnancy blog about love.
DescriptionEarth Zizu, means simply, “earth baby.” This is a free-spirit pregnancy blog about maternal love, emotional bonding with child, and the natural birth of life. From infertility to a healthy conception, this site explores inner wisdoms, loving inspirations, and touching memories.
ContactDr. Williams
List DateSunday, March-01-2009
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whisperjunkie (date Mar-05-2009)
A rare masterpiece of a blog
This is a rare find, I'll be honest. This isn't your "normal" pregnancy blog where the mom shows the usual belly photos and the like. Instead it focuses on love and pre-birth communication (talking to the baby before child is born). It's obvious the mother has a lot of love in her heart towards her unborn child, teaching her little "zizu" (which means baby) a lifetime's worth of widsom that almost anyone would agree with. What I like most about this site is how candid and open it is, written COMPLETELY to her child, not to an audience (like me). She writes beautifully, but most of all I simply like the posts. They're worth reading. I think even non-pregnant women (or women with kids) might appreciate this too. My only critique of the site is that the author leaves no room for comments or interaction from the "outside world" which I still haven't decided is a good or a bad thing. My assumption is that she wants to keep her blog free from the wacko-types. :cool:
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