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MEGO Again: Being a Digital Maven and Mom
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SummaryFrom Twitter to Toys
DescriptionOf course MEGO is the name of my blog! But, it is also an acronym for My Eyes Glaze Over. As in: My Eyes Glaze Over due to information overload. I started MEGOAgain when I started playing around with Social Media, and quickly realized that there was a lot out there to learn! I found “my eyes glaze over” with too many RSS feeds, new social networks, and trying to figure out the A-Zs of this Digital world. Trying to keep up with this digital space along with the rapid changes in Marketing and business due to new technologies became my obsession and I wanted to help other “newbies” figure it all out! You will find posts on: Social Networks, SEO, Web Analytics, Marketing, Social Media, general business an even Politics on and if that wasn’t enough… I used to have a blog about my family and son. After my second child was born I realized time was a little limited to write two blogs. MEGOAgain gained a new meaning: “Me Go Again!” Have you ever taken a child to a park or watched them excitedly playing with a new toy? At the park they run around up the stairs and down the slide, “Me go again” a toddler cries, and back up the stairs, and down the slide. Playing with a new toy they are amazed at the feats they accomplish, “look mom! Train track!” “look mom, this piece goes here”, “I’m vrooming” and again, and again. They never seem to feel the exhaustion of learning and keeping up, just the excitement of every move they make! And, the repetition is the best part - Me go again! You will find posts on being a mom, the things that make me laugh (and go mmmmm…), and thoughts on parenthood.
ContactMichelle Kostya
List DateSaturday, December-20-2008
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CategoryMom Bloggers in Canada
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