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Once Upon A Child's Heart
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SummaryA place to touch a child's heart by bonding, healing, growing, and building memories through storytelling.
DescriptionSometimes being a parent is hard thankless work. Often as adults we need a fresh tangible way to truly connect with the children in our lives. There is no better way to end a day full of stress, busyness, conflict, and hurt than with a good bed time story. Storytelling ends the day on a possitive note. Even more when we take storytelling to a personal level it becomes a way for our children to get to know us on a deeper level. Not surprisingly we are likely to know them better too. OUCH is a place I share may experiences as a mother and a storyteller. I not only share my personal stories, the ones I tell my own children, but I share book reviews, storytelling tips, story games, story challenges, and pretty much anything else related to stories and storytelling.
ContactKristen Sandoz
List DateTuesday, January-22-2013
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CategoryMom Bloggers by State > Oregon
Family Life
Submitted ByKristenMommaSandozer
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