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There's A Frog In My Soup
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SummaryFinding Simplicity and Peace in the Midst of Chaos.
DescriptionMy life as the mom of 6 growing boyz! Striving daily to be a good mom, create a pleasant atmosphere in the home while giving them a good foundation to stand on to become outstanding men of honor! That is my purpose in raising my sons! Do I always acheive steps to this goal? No! It is honestly a huge challenge and I often forget the big picture in the midst of daily messes and laundry! This blog helps me remember my goals, journal the good and the bad and brainstorm solutions!
ContactShera Roetcisoender
List DateTuesday, February-27-2007
Total Clicks5,467
CategoryWork at Home
Mom Bloggers by State > Washington
Family Life
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BlogbyDonna (date Jun-03-2008)
Great Blog
Shera, I love your blog! Your posts are entertaining and informative. I have one son and truly could not imagine having 6. Boys are great though! :clap: Donna :clap:
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lessonsfromthelaundry (date Mar-09-2007)
Wow! Shera makes my life with four kids seem easy. I love your wit and your helpful tips. And the picture of all those sandwiches being made had me smiling. I couldn't figure out how to leave a comment on your blog, so I'm leaving it here. Thanks for sharing. Kathy :D
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