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Let the Son Shine
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SummaryWeekday Devotionals
DescriptionWeekday devotionals for women, by women from different points of view, in Christ. We hold a monthly book giveaway in hopes of encouraging our readers in their walk with the Lord.
List DateTuesday, February-19-2008
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Family Life
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theprophesaur (date Apr-22-2008)
A Sample
Enjoy the Day Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment. ~1 Timothy 6:17 Last Sunday, as my husband and I sat side by side during the first sermon we've attended since God began healing our marriage, the pastor spoke of how we are to be rich. Not how we can get rich or any such unimportant drivel, but instead, how we are to handle already being rich. We each have more than we need and are therefore rich, indeed. As the pastor led us to read this verse aloud with him, the meaning unfolded so beautifully. Having already discussed that those who are rich in this present world should be commanded to not be arrogant or base their hope on their riches, but instead, put that hope in God, who provides us with everything, the last three words became the focus as we spoke His truth in unison. For our enjoyment. So, after seeing that all of our needs are richly met, we could have been bogged down with guilt and shame over how unworthy we are or how little we do for Him with our riches, but instead, God reminds us that it is for our enjoyment. We are blessed so richly and it's for our enjoyment. Now, that doesn't mean for our hedonistic pleasure, but it does mean that we are to receive His provisions happily. We can be grateful without the weight of guilt. We can share our wealth with gladness. We can praise God for providing us with everything, and we can enjoy singing His praises. We are rich because He has met every one of our needs and our cup runs over. Give Him the glory, share the wealth and enjoy the day!
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