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SummaryA journey along which we discuss our children and the environment and hope to find some excellent answers
DescriptionIím not an expert yet. But Iím on my journey. Somebody famous said that writing was an extension of their thoughts. Thatís exactly right. And this blog is me, climbing aboard a thought train mid-way along my journey and sharing the experience with fellow passengers. The conversation is about our children and the environment we live in. Itís a broad topic and will no doubt take us places we werenít expecting to go. I hope so, and I look forward to your viewpoints Ė and to becoming an expert.
List DateThursday, November-08-2012
Total Clicks3,782
CategoryBlog Resources & Services
Mom Bloggers International (non US & Canada)
Diet, Health and Fitness
Submitted Bygroenboontjie
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