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Kick Back Moments
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SummaryA place where the art of relaxing, laughing and slowing down is explored.
DescriptionLike so many out there, the woman behind this blog knows the meaning of the word, busy. Morning work-outs, long commutes, a hectic job, activities at night and on and on. It's even become popular to brag about how busy we are -- almost expected of successful adults. And where has it gotten us? Approximately 20% of adults in the U.S. are taking prescription drugs for anxiety and/or depression. Americans spend 11 billion dollars per year on self help products, such as books and motivational seminars according to Marketdata Enterprises. I for one want to slow down. No. I'm not going to quit my job, sell my house and give up my hobbies. But I do believe I can have a productive life without racing around like the roadrunner. I'm missing too many wonderful moments. I just know it. If you're living on the busy continuum too and want to slow down a touch, you've come to the right place. Each week I'll pick a kick back theme to explore. You'll also be treated to a kick back song of the week, a kick back book or movie recommendation and a little something extra. Information provided on this blog will offer simple ways to unwind that are easy on your wallet and schedule.
ContactPeggy Strack
List DateSunday, October-07-2012
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