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Life In The Crb
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SummaryIt's where spit(up) happens
DescriptionWhy Life in the Crib? Well, ever since my twins were born in 2012 my world is often contained to the four wall in which I live, which in hiphop lingo (of which I know very little) is somtimes referred to as one’s “crib”. And I have 3 kids sleeping in cribs, so I liked the irony. Or is it double entendre? Whatever. I liked it. I aim to post to this blog at least twice a week. You'll find observations of the strange and wonderful things my kids see, hear and do and whatever other bizarre stuff is rattling around in my head.
ContactDyan Conrad
List DateFriday, September-21-2012
Total Clicks3,862
CategoryFamily Life
Mom Bloggers in Canada
Moms of Multiples
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