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JV Never Taps
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SummaryThe Chronicle of a 6-Pack Family's Adventures
DescriptionGirl meets boy. They have a baby girl... then a baby boy. 2 years later, two eggs meet sperm. The result? Girl and boy twins. Chaos and hilarity ensue! Having 4 kids within a span of 4 years is a joy and a challenge. Welcome to our story. From the mundane to the magnificent, and the profound to the picayune, these are the chronicles of my mission in life to Never Tap! Non-fighters confused about the "Never Tap" theme? Here's a definition of "tapout":"To Tap the floor, or an opponent, in an act of submission. As in Jiu Jitsu, the losing party, as opposed to being seriously injured or rendered unconscious will tap to admit defeat."
ContactJen Samonte Valencia
List DateWednesday, August-22-2012
Total Clicks4,214
CategoryMom Bloggers by State > California
Family Life
Moms of Multiples
Submitted Byjvnevertaps
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